This new conference wants to find an African way of doing marketing

Africa should be at the forefront of creating its own stories, inspiring Afro-centric activities, tools and analytics. That’s the thinking behind Africa Marketing Week, a new conference set to bring together thought leaders, captains of industry and influential minds for a three-day event set to take place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) in February 2017.

Launched by Living Your Brand (best known for the production of the Integrated Marketing Communication Conference), the conference will include:

  • 60 Speakers from across Africa
  • 4 International keynote presentations
  • 6 Themed tracks
  • 80 Exhibitors and activations
  • 500 Delegates
  • 1500 Visitors

“For too long has the spotlight on brand communication primarily just shone on South Africa? We ourselves have been doing this for at least the past six years. While South Africa plays a vital role in the African agenda, the nation does not exist in isolation. It is part of the African continent, who together with its alleys can propel the African marketing sector to greater height,” says Conference Producer Jaco van Zyl.

According to Van Zyl, there have been small pockets of change and the rest of our global counterparts are eagerly waiting to hear Africa speak in a consolidated voice. He affirms that for Africa to command authority, there cannot be many little voices shouting in isolation, but one mighty army needs to arise, and that’s exactly what this conference aims to do.

“The Africa Marketing Week is actually the evolution on our Integrated Marketing Communication Conference. We realised a niche and great void that cannot be quenched by isolated gatherings and meetings. It is like a melting pot that invites all of Africa’s key role players to come together, network, forge collaborations and leave with a renewed vision,” he says.

In a press release sent to Memeburn, the direction is steered towards a platform that will create Business Intelligence for African Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and marketing decision makers. Special emphasis will be placed on presenting content that will give the decision makers more insight into different markets of Africa.

Some of the key issues related to marketing business intelligence that will be addressed may include Big Data, Consumer Insight, Customer Experience, CRM, Media Measurement, Digital Disruption and more.

Leading minds of marketing professionals from West, East and Southern Africa will assemble to uncover relevant solutions on how to elevate and enhance Africa and her narratives. The event will celebrate the manifestation of original African marketing content. It is a key event in industry, one that is bound to serve as a catalyst for greatness and change.

“The very presence of such an event, spurred by Africans for Africans is an acknowledgement that Africa is a continent of light; able to come up with its own solutions. I would like to personally invite individuals, companies, exhibitors and potential sponsors to get involved. This conference will present Africa’s fertile ground and offer you with win-win opportunities for activations and exhibitions to a targeted audience. Being there, being represented and hearing first-hand from the calibre of such decision makers will give one an unmatched advantage.

“Industry practitioners from all over Africa and across its borders will be united to see the latest and best services and offerings. There will be consultation booths, live product demos and company pitches amongst others. There are a lot of ways to get involved and we can’t wait to get you on board and help you take your brand to the next level where it surpasses digital and physical divides,” says Van Zyl.



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