Batman, Superman lose their patience with Jimmy Kimmel

More footage of the upcoming battle of the titans Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. By now, you’ll be able to piece together the entire movie from all of the trailers and footage, but, at least, this one comes with a surprise.

Firstly, let’s get through the standard BvS footage that aired on ABC. This extended fight scene features Superman beating the hell out of Batman, who then retaliates by… disappearing. It’s all quite epic in that 43 seconds sort of way. The gritty, washed out look conveys the world what we’ve seen in previous trailers.

You can watch the clip below.

The second clip, which is superior and one I hope will be a real movie one day, features host Jimmy Kimmel from Jimmy Kimmel Live. In it, Bruce and Clark meet for the first time and talk about Batman as a vigilante. The scene is tense, slightly overacted and you can feel the men flexing their moral personas. Kimmel then shows up to reveal the secret identities of both heroes and they don’t take it too well.

It feels like something Deadpool would do if he were in the DC Comics universe.

There’s even a special appearance by another version of Batman.

Watch the full skit below — the skit starts from the three minute mark.



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