Adobe Lightroom app updates: RAW editing on iOS, pro-camera on Android

American software company Adobe has announced major updates to its Adobe Lightroom app for both Android and iOS.

Users on iOS are finally getting RAW photo editing support, while Android users will receive a new camera mode.

Back in February 2015, Android users first received RAW photo editing which marked an important change for the app. Smartphones are being built to take more detailed images, and retaining this quality after editing has become important. This is where the RAW format comes into play.

The Adobe Lightroom app also supports the same RAW files on Lightroom for desktop, which means that users can edit high-resolution photos from a DSLR or mirrorless camera on their iOS devices with no tangible difference in quality.

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Furthermore, the update comes with other added features including white balance adjustments, and the ability to amend over exposed areas too. The app also grants users access to a full range of colour information with linear and radial selections that allows users to either add or modify specific parts of the image.

Adobe Lightroom for Android devices also introduces a new camera mode, allowing users to manually control the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus.



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