WWF’s new interactive map visualises South Africa’s current water crisis

south africa wwf water risk map

South Africa’s experiencing one of its worst droughts this side of the millennium, with water levels in storage systems across the country down around 20% over last year. While crop and livestock farmers are struggling in some areas, municipalities are also facing difficulties keeping growing communities hydrated.

With that said, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this week launched its Water Risk Filter interactive data set for South Africa — an interactive map that allows users to visualize various municipalities’ water management situations and risks within South Africa.

“The map represents the aggregated overall water risk for a selected industry. The weighting scheme varies between different industries and therefore overall risk maps may vary,” the map’s explainer notes.

The WWF’s map lets users filter regions by industry, types of risk — from supply to storage, and country. Currently, only Great Britain and SA are available for view.

It’s massively interesting, and especially worth a look for cartography enthusiasts.

Have a look at it here.



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