Monopoly: You’re playing it wrong


Capitalism simulator, Monopoly will undoubtedly have many families huddled around the table this year frantically arguing about the rules of the game.

According to the video below, a study conducted by Hasbro found that out of all the study’s participants, 68% never read the rules of the game. They also found that 30% of players made up their own rules. For example, nowhere in the rulebook does it state that during the first round of any game you cannot purchase any properties. This prompted Hasbro to introduce house rules which include stacking any fine or tax money in the centre of the board and giving it to any player who happens to land on free parking.

Another interesting rule of the game which you’re probably not aware of is that whenever someone lands on an open property and chooses not to buy it, anyone can bid on it.

During this time of year, especially in big families, many boardgames are bound to pop out at some point. So do yourself a favour and get one up on that family member who’s wrecked you for the last few Christmases by catching up on the rules.



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