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Watch John Wick’s dog kick major ass in ‘Dog Wick’ trailer

Okay, so John Wick is a pretty great flick about a man’s deep, unyielding love for his dog. But what about Daisy’s love for John?

When the tables are turned and (spoilers) John is killed in the end, would Daisy hunt down the mobsters and avenge her fallen human? You damn right she would.

In a spoof trailer created by YouTube’s RocketJump team, the bad guys kill John Wick’s dog’s human, which in this universe is one thing you definitely don’t want to do.

Dog Wick is the movie all dog and action movie lovers know they want

Featuring hand guns, high-explosives, and single-paw combat that’ll make even Keanu Reeves proud, Dog Wick absolutely deserves its own movie. Considering that it was sponsored by the John Wick crew on the eve of the movie’s sequel release, we can’t really rule it out.

The dog in question is played by Scout, who happens to have remarkable dexterity and gun etiquette for… well, a dog.

If you loved John Wick, love remarkable Keanu Reeves lookalikes, and love dogs, have a look at the trailer below.

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