Someone turned Donald Trump’s tweets into a beautiful emo song

donald trump emo song youtube super deluxe february 2017

From YouTube channel Super Deluxe comes your new favourite emo song for when you’re feeling that presidential teen angst.

Picking up on the number of complaints Trump has tweeted post-election despite winning, the team “noticed that @‘s tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song.”

Super Deluxe posts everything from makeup tutorials to compilations of politicians avoiding questions, but this time they’ve likened Trump’s tweets to the angry teenager who stomps into their room, slams their door and flips their fringe after a long day of no one understanding them.

Donald Trump as an angst-filled teenager is the hilarious vision of Super Deluxe YouTube channel

The channel began in September 2015, and has since been viewed 115 million times. You may recognise the work they do with social media star Joanne the Scammer, and the popular Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016.

They have created a great song, largely based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it. People claiming that emo is dead are FAKE NEWS. Sad!



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