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Google News redesign unsurprisingly angers everyone

has been redesigned, and its interface is sleek, clean, customisable and universally hated.

One of the main features Google News is touting is news from “diverse perspectives” — meaning that related articles will now feature news from both sides of the aisle. These articles are then grouped together in a card format.

But it seems this isn’t the biggest gripe users have with the change: many think the layout is slow, wastes space, and makes it more difficult to consume news quickly.

In the redesign, Google has changed the sidebar to a customisable navigation column so that the categories of news a user is interested are easily accessible. At the top is a new navigation bar with “headlines,” “local” and “for you” sections. The local section lets one add multiple specific locations through which to filter news. The “for you” uses customisable interests to show news best suited to the user.

‘OMG new “Google News” is horrible! Where’s custom search?’

Also included is a “fact check” block that features articles geared towards stories dedicated to finding the truth. These usually feature sources like Snopes and the US Politifact. 

Videos and tweets have gained prominence, being labelled with “most referenced” and placed in related coverage cards.

The update works well with US news, but for locally sourced content “related articles” are poorly collected. As of writing, the top card for South Africa was one dedicated to the ANC — the ruling party that drives the majority of political news.

As is customary with any major interface change, users have taken to Twitter to complain about the update.

Some had constructive criticism.

Others had only their anger.

Author | Julia Breakey

Julia Breakey
Julia is a UCT film graduate with a passion for dogs, media, and dog-centric media. If she's not gushing about the new television show that you need to watch, she's rewatching The Good Place (which you need to watch). More
  • A Garcia

    Literally, the only site that is reporting on the reality: that the new Google News redesign is horrendous. Literally every other article that has been written about this disastrous new layout is a propaganda piece.

  • ionosphere

    It is horrendous but there are alternatives like Newslookup.com that have the missing features and more.

  • Graham Ellington

    Terrible. It was”cluttered” before? No . . . it had a dozen or more headlines to click on before scrolling down for even more. Now? ONE news item, and one only, appears. I feel like I’ve been downgraded to what works for a 10-year-old. Hey! The Donald probably likes it.

  • Kelly

    I’m glad Google changed its news layout. It prompted me to look for alternatives, and I discovered Feedly. Now I can choose the sources from which I want to get my news (CNN, Reuters, NPR, PBS, and AP to name a few). My general news feed shows items from all sources, but I can click once and see only the items from a particular source. Also, I have the option to display headlines only (to quickly browse a lot of headlines at once) or to display a picture and short excerpt from each item. I haven’t been back to Google news and won’t be going back to Google news.

  • SpiritShadow

    Previously one could scroll a horizontal panel with a couple of dozen or more news article sources, each with a thumbnail image, all without ever leaving the main page. It was wonderful.

    Now, there are only a handful of choices, none of them have images, there is no preview text and no way to know what you;re about to see. Even worse, in order to view this useless information, one must open a new page for Google now calls “Full Coverage.”

    Monkeys randomly hitting typewriter keys could have produced a better design.

  • David Hendrix

    All I want in a news aggregator is to see the headlines other people are interested in, be able to drill down, and be able to look up things not on the top that I have an interest in. I intentionally never used Goggle news while signed in. I do not want to only be shown what an algorithm calculated might interest me.

  • David Hendrix

    That sounds like it carries a high risk of being a bubble person. You still get a like because we agree about Google news update.

  • WhatTheFlux

    Julia Breaker –

    People are pissed because the redesign reduces access to news and makes it MORE difficult to customize and explore topics.

    It is a total disaster.

    THAT’S the story you should be writing. Not this snarky “people don’t like change” crap.

    It’s a story worth telling.

    What people don’t like is reduced access to information. Particularly from a company like Google!

    Good journalism comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable.

  • It’s awful, and not because users are habitual and resistant to change. It’s text-heavy, ugly, and worst: It’s no longer possible to quickly scan multiple articles at once, which the eyes and brain are exquisitely adapted to do. Not an improvement, Google!

  • I have to agree with this and many of the comments. Google has to understand who was using Google News. It wasn’t the average person on the street – those are taking their news from the single source that aligns best with their political beliefs.

    Google News was an aggregator for news junkies – those that wish to see different points of views, compare and contrast different reporting and see at a snapshot a large amount of news in one place.

    Hell, even CNN has more news on a single page view than Google News has. Ridiculous.

    Google News was never meant nor should it strive to be pretty – it is a data feed and therefore requires to be functional. This page was to us news junkies what Bloomberg terminal is to stock traders – we don’t need wasteful whitespace, we need data.

    Now Google News .. please listen to the feedback (and I would urge you all to send in the FEEDBACK button on the page) and give us back the old layout.

  • Also check out Inoreader. These are just RSS readers, you have to pick all the items, and the way they present information is merely the order in which they were published. You don’t get a full ‘Google News’ aggregated experience.

  • ulfahl

    Switching to BING, roughly the same old format, Google has gotten too big to care.

  • tt

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE after i read an article and return to news headlines it woulndt even refresh to where i had left off, i will no longer use it.

  • Dave Toussaint

    Sucks ass!

  • William Donelson

    Typical corporate crap. “I said EAT, Goddamit”

  • Mark

    Relevant and local news is many more clicks away – if it can be found at all. Overview is totally gone, just lots of white space and silly tags. Google news has become useless. How can a firm like Google be so disconnected from their users? By the way, where on the Google site is their feedback button? I’m sure Google doesn’t miss me or any other users who will as of today switch to an alternative service. Bye bye Google!

  • Zeke

    I hate it. This is an obvious dumb-down designed to benefit mobile users. On a desktop monitor the old layout was much better and required less clicks. I can’t determine the news source quickly, which means I can’t screen NY Times for the 10 “free” stories they give me per month. Too much video, not enough press.

  • Well when it’s you and 100K plus other people not coming in daily they WILL miss you.

  • Proud American ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    WTF is this? It turned my 24″ monitor into a cell phone screen

  • Not sure why sites never learn from other sites mistakes with this more empty space, more pictures, less information/text redesign fad and the massive traffic loss that comes with it. Google HAD to have known what happened to cnn dot com with their idiotic redesign years ago, and CNN still hasn’t recovered.

    There is a wildly popular NBC site called profootballtalk that did the same moronic less information more pictures redesign that reverted back in under a day due to a massive traffic dump. There are endless examples, yet no one learns.

    Oh well, time to find a new news home.

  • LucasH

    Thank god an article commented on the user outrage. Whats almost as bad as the new format is all of the tech journals mindlessly reporting the “slick and clean” new format. Thank you for an article that is more than just a plug for google.

  • G. Play

    The biggest crappy revamp I have seen since the hated yahoo finance site. Now Google has joined the ranks.
    If I put “news.google.DE” in the browser – see country extension DE for Deutschland or Germany – guess which news I want. US news, right? For sure.
    Put country extension .IT for ITALY you also want to be forwarded to the US site right?
    Even if you browse with a country proxy for those countries, you still get forwarded to the US site.
    My 2 cents: the bigger crap google have invented and they spend shareholders money on it!

  • corn2990

    Google is smoking crack — less content, more scrolling, and more mouse clicks is NOT a “cleaner” UI.

  • corn2990

    Completely LAUGHABLE that Google uses Snopes as a fact check resource — a George Soros outlet. Ha ha ha.

  • Ystrovano

    27″ screen, and Google News now fits just four headlines. And I mean headlines, there’s no longer any blurb with the headline, and no alternative headlines. Just headlines, whitespace and lines.
    I’m sure it works great for cellphones, but why force it on computer users? Give us an option to switch to the old layout, where Google News was 2 screens long, now it’s 6 screens long even though it contains far less information.

  • Ystrovano

    The new design is meant to be viewed with cellphone. That it works poorly with computers is no doubt something Google not just knew, but intended.

  • Ystrovano

    Cheers, I’ll try that. I tried Bing News, and Microsoft in their usual trademarked brilliance, forces the news stories to be in the language of the country you’re surfing from, not the language you’ve set in preferences. Yeah, I set language to English because I wanted my news in Tagalog!

  • Ystrovano

    Sure must suck to have to invent excuses why you’re right and reality wrong.

  • dlchambers

    They should have an “old UI format” setting. Once they see that EVERYONE checks it, maybe they’d wake up.

  • Philip Baddeley

    New Google news terrible – all USA news – it was a good mix before. I’m looking for alternatives now. What pi**es me off is that some bright spark in Google thought a change was needed – perhaps he or she should change their job instead. Change is not always desirable or necessary!

  • corn2990

    Awwww… must suck to be a whiney, sniveling, triggered, poor wittle snowflake.

  • corn2990

    I’ve noticed the feedback/commenting mechanisms are gone from the the blog of the News lead at Google as well.

  • JohnB

    It is truly terrible, and reminds me of how the grocery stores have reordered everything to make you HAVE to go up and down every single aisle to find what you want.
    The inability to sort by date is a dealbreaker.

  • It’s funny you should mention that. One of our big markets does that on a regular basis. It recently went from crowded to super open, with tons of wasted space. I don’t imagine that will last long, and then I’ll have to search for the rice vinegar and the popcorn again…

  • BBC isn’t bad if you like world news. I might be ready to swear off the news for a while. The targeted news based on my previous browsing is really annoying and ineffective. Just because I once clicked a story about social security doesn’t mean I want to see stories about it for six months.

  • Ernie

    At first, I thought my laptop was infected by a new browser virus. Maybe, Google just hired some former Facebook designers and now they’re screwing with them.

  • “a George Soros outlet”? It’s run by a husband and wife in their living room, 2 raging leftists that are borderline communists. infowars is more bablanced than snopes.

  • FijiSun

    But google already has a decent mobile android app for news. No reason to cripple X86 apps.

  • IJK

    Fcuk off, Google. I am done accessing your Google News page.

  • Conservative


    Anyone have alternatives to google news ?

    I’d like a news site that is simple – not simple in the way google’s redesign is, which is simple like learning disabled, but simple like it just lists as many articles as possible in a small amount of screen space so I can quickly scan through them and find what I want. Google’s idea is simple is news that is unobtrusive and dumbed down so that 1st graders can use it.

  • Conservative

    Exactly this.

    If anything, it was too “simple” before, because it only showed like 5 articles in each category. I want like 100, with scrollbars, or 1000, I want to quickly be able to scan across tons of articles with my eyes and find what I want using my own brain, and a search function. I don’t want “fake news” filters, morons picking out what news I should be seeing, etc, I just want giant lists of news articles that are taking up as much screen space as possible – hell, make it 10 point font so I can fit 1000 on the screen at once and I’d be happier.

    Google’s redesign is moving in exactly the wrong direction – it’s moving in the direction of news for those morons who use their phones for everything.

  • Conservative

    Right ?! I mean how hard is it to create a news site that lists news headline after headline in a row, hundreds, thousand, with search functions, so you can see as many as possible at a glance. Then give us buttons to expand them all to show the first few lines so we can get a better feel, etc. It just isn’t that freaking complicated.

  • Conservative

    For real, those articles irritate me too, you’d think googles was paying them to write it.

    Hmm ..

  • Conservative

    It’s not just sites. There was an electronics store I used to go to that went to this clean “apple store” format where they have like 20 freaking items instead of the 1000’s of items they used to. Now you have the choice between the stereo or the portable music player. Sure, they are high end ones, but whatever happened to just letting people have choices ?

  • Steve Mayhem

    The tech geek press seems to love it, as one headline exclaims…

    ”Google News website gets redesigned, now looks like something from this decade”

    Personally, I’ll take a trip down memory lane and abandon Google News as my home page. I loved the old layout, as I got a sense of recent and breaking news at a glance. Essentially it was a quality, customized newspaper on my computer screen. This new ultra wide margin layout is probably fine for phones, but I don’t check my phone for news.

    There’s a reason the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post et.al haven’t changed their basic layout in the past half century or longer. Google obviously hired a team of tech monkeys to fix something that wasn’t even remotely broken. I don’t mind tweaks (font, colors, prioritization etc.) but only a bot could endorse this atrocity. Goodbye Google. See ya!!

  • albert silo

    The new layout absolutely sucks. Very hard to use. Especially search feature in news hardly works. I keep going to browser on my phone where they still have old layout – and search works.

  • Dave

    Just glad to see there are many other sane people out there. For some reason Google decided that reading the news on a large desktop monitor would be improved by giving it the crippled interface designed for a 5″ cell phone, and that people must love endless scrolling since that’s what they do on their phones all day. The new version is unusable for me, and I would advise people to send them feedback through the site as I did though it is probably pointless.

  • rvauthor

    Google has successfully come up with a way to display info for smart phones with confined screen content with one that is time consuming for users on devices with large displays who are looking to see lots of info in one view that does not require drilling down and back, down and back, etc… Displaying the new Business page loses the abilty retrieve portfolio information. The new format simply uses the power of the computer to make a working feature more complicated.

  • Bob Brown
  • Steve Mayhem

    Finally, something conservatives, liberals, and moderates can agree on: The new Google News layout sucks!

  • cwo3ret

    it was bad before but now it’s even worse – looks like it was designed for some snowflake kiddietwink’s giant cell phone

  • scott fasken

    ugly change hard to use very sad to see this from bright people

  • someobserver

    It’s horrible for all the reasons other have given here already. I want to glance at a page and have a ton of general info available to see in order to pick what articles or topics to select to read without needing to scroll right away. I want the old look available as a an option.

    Huffington Post made a similar change to its homepage in May, and so I stopped using it. I could only see one huge headline on the first page. Hated it. Now Google does the same.

    Google: Let us choose the old web-based version or the new mobile based version as our default.

    One other bothersome thing the new version does is show a different city than the one I live in as my default local location for me because my IP address apparently shows that as my city. I live in a different local major city and want that as my default city location. My home and work addresses with Google are both my home city and it was my default city location under the old version. I can’t get rid of the city they assign me as my default location, but I can add my city as an additional local location. I want it the other way around, but the bigger question is why doesn’t Google let users define the city location we want to default to?

    It’s all maddening.

  • someobserver

    It’s horrible for all the reasons other have given here already. I want to glance at a page and have a ton of general info available to see in order to pick what articles or topics to select to read without needing to scroll right away. I want the old look available as a an option.

    Huffington Post made a similar change to its homepage in May, and so I stopped using it. I could only see one huge headline on the first page. Hated it. Now Google does the same.

    Google: Let us choose the old web-based version or the new mobile based version as our default.

    One other bothersome thing the new version does is show a different city than the one I live in as my default local location for me because my IP address apparently shows that as my city. I live in a different local major city and want that as my default city location. My home and work addresses with Google are both my home city and it was my default city location under the old version. I can’t get rid of the city they assign me as my default location, but I can add my city as an additional local location. I want it the other way around, but the bigger question is why doesn’t Google let users define the city location we want to default to?

  • 64Glens

    It’s weird that people say the new design is geared for mobile users, because every mobile user I know always requests the desktop site.
    Anyways, Google is completely unusable on both platforms, now, so as much as I hate to do it, I’m headed to Bing.
    I will return to Google if they return to the more logical layout.

  • Graham Ellington

    I’ve switched to http://newslookup.com. Best I’ve found so far.

  • Graham Ellington

    I’ve switched to http://newslookup.com.

  • Graham Ellington

    You might try http://newslookup.com.

  • amadeo

    I made the mistake about clicking on an article about Orlando Bloom (in a LotR context) once, and got rewarded with nudes and pictures of his gf for months.

  • Hwithyll

    Hahaha…The whole design is that bad I thought the page hadn’t loaded properly!

  • Hwithyll

    Rubbish. Sort it out i’ll never use in this state.

  • cwo3ret

    want to have a laugh? go to the new google news site, then try searching for ‘google news sucks’ – you won’t get any hits! verkakte SillyCons!

  • Patriarchy Pete

    Reminds me of supersized crayons, to be honest.

  • Marcus Suridius

    The new update is crap, I had all my news setup nicely and now I can’t see half the stuff and now each story takes up so much space compared to the previous version meaning you have to scroll much more.

    Revert back Google, terrible updated.

  • Marcus Suridius

    That looks like a decent option, thanks for linking Graham.

  • Marcus Suridius

    Well said Alan.

  • Marcus Suridius

    Where have they said its mean’t to be viewed via a phone, never has Google News been designed for phones.

  • Marcus Suridius

    I don’t want news others view because most view stupid stuff that has no relevance to anything going on, I loved being able to customize it so I see specifically what I want to see. Now ive to scroll for what seems like a lifetime and its just put me off using it again.

  • Marcus Suridius

    lol you could choose your News preferenace on the old Google design, like for local news I used Journal.ie, Breakingnews.ie. For Europe and World news I had it showing me only news from Reuters and Euronews.

    No idea why your saying that one your using now does it when the old Google did it as well so the reason you give for you being happy for this change is laughable.

  • Marie Lopez

    I guess I will give up on google altogether. The news page hurts my eyes so I can’t even try and get use to it. I bet that is the whole point of the change, get everyone use to something they hate so we can be manipulated even more.

  • world2give

    This is by far the worst “redesigned” website I have ever seen… Now I need to find a new home page now because this is the pits and I won’t use it…. google should really make both versions available and they will quickly see how much people like this new and “improved” design… The old version was aesthetically appealing and the first time i saw this new site i thought my computer was malfunctioning…

    I cant believe people actually get paid to do crap like this!

  • Carter Russell

    Thanks. I’ll give it a look. My menu bar bookmark for Google News — after some six or eight years — has been replaced by AP News. The new design was unbearable. Literally.

    Makes New Coke seem genius in comparison.

  • Graham Ellington

    It’s my substitute site for now; I’m still on the lookout for something better. I’m really hoping someone else will copy the former Google News format.

  • tpcowberry

    It’s someone’s job to fix things that aren’t broken, to change things that don’t need changing, and to compulsively move your tools around whenever you’re in danger of become so familiar with their location that you aren’t wasting your time looking for them.

  • Blue

    Add to the complaints that it no longer searches for terms it obviously deems inappropriate. :-(

  • Terry Blair

    It was very easy to skim Google News in the morning to get a gist of what’s happening in several major areas, as well as my local town/county. Now it feels like a chore just to get the context of more than three or four stories at a time.

  • Terry Blair

    I HAD Google News as my homepage for both laptop, htpc, smart phone, and tablet. I never had a single issue with readability or formatting. This redesign is a bad decision across the wide range of devices, imo.

  • Jody Roberto

    AWFUL UNUSABLE waste of space and time ….
    So glad I’m not alone … just spent two days searching desperately for other news aggregators … had the US and the Germany Google News pages pinned to my browser and surfed them often … Now I’m using Google Newsstand and Flipboard and World News as substitutes … and wonder if Google News will return … why didn’t they give us a choice to use the old format??? It’ll be interesting to see how long the new format lasts…

  • Markus Stoehr

    Really horrible this new goognews design! Feels like going from a liberal/anarchic state to a monarchic one!

  • Markus Stoehr

    Maybe Google has been forced to make it more difficult for people “to see different points of views, compare and contrast different
    reporting and see at a snapshot a large amount of news in one place”.
    But hey, this is only a conspiracy theory right?
    But when i have a look at recent events from the last 20 years it gets more and more obvious that people are fed by a more and more homogeneous media. Controversy is only allowed for trivial topics like sports! Don’t you ever dare to talk about the free fall collapse of building 7 or about the WMDs never found in Iraq! Remember that crying nurse in front of the UN who brought us into war against Iraq to “save Kuwait”? She was the daughter of the Kuwait embassador in the US!
    That is all of course only a … conspiracy theory … oh, no, those are facts, but move on …

  • SeparationOfCorp&State

    It’s shitty, why is there a huge gap of whitespace between the icons and the content? Why are all the icons grey on grey? They used to be multi-colored and looked a lot nicer.

  • PeterMcPumpkinPhD

    I’m on my 55 inch TV. I literally hate going there now. HELP MEEEEEEEE Jesusssssss!

  • barcodezero

    I fucking hate it too, seriously google are you ever going to stop taking functionality away? Some day they will have taken so much away that all google products will be just one hideous looking button that takes an hour to load. Pathetic

  • Math

    Completely unusable! Will get my news from Breitbart now.

  • BeyondWords24

    Hmmm…..674 all neg comments at the main google news feedback forum.
    Let em have it.


  • GeneralGeorgeSPatton

    lol, oh Jesus

  • Jartin

    It was interesting how it decided I lived in a city about 900km from where I live (under local) and gave a page of complete crap just about that city and that city alone..
    This new format may as well have been designed for people living on Mars..

    How could Google get something so disastrously and scarily wrong.?
    Do you think they are paying back their salaries by now and having urgent board meetings..?..
    Fire the board while they are at it..

  • Jartin

    Will be more than 100k…many more.

  • Jartin

    As I wrote on their complaint forum thing…They have actually messed with my life.
    There are so few things that are stable and reliable in life and Google news ”was” one of them. It was my window to the world.
    Now they have completely destroyed it and the decade plus of goodwill they built up with me.
    So little respect…( they must have for their audience..)

  • Pam M

    I absolutely agree. It’s no longer functional.
    What a lot of people don’t remember is that Google trotted out this same format change years ago. If I recall correctly, they also forced that change down Google News users throats on the eve of the 4th of July weekend, no doubt counting on the lazier tech writers (theverge, engadget, etc.) to fawn over everything they described in their press release right before they left for the holiday weekend and not check on the response to that change. It was universally hated then, as well. The Google News Help Forum had hundreds of complaints. Google claimed that they were holding fast and would not revert to the old format. And then they did.
    Let’s hope it doesn’t take them as long this time to realize that they have jumped the shark, screwed the pooch, and possibly committed other atrocities of which I’m unaware.

  • Ian Thomson

    Nice I’m sure, now how about news for the other 195 countries?
    This UK site has been around forever, not brilliant but also no sign of “material design” http://www.newsnow.co.uk/ – I haven’t tried it on 1920 x 1200 yet

  • kjohn034

    Vote with your clicks and your keyboard. Don’t go there anymore and don’t click on any obvious Google ads anywhere else, if you see something cool don’t click just search for their website(elsewhere) and go. Stop commenting anywhere about anything Google and ever so slowly the brooding giant bully will feel a nasty kick to the shin.

  • Mike Cronis

    This is more than just “resistance to change”, Google. Please fire your design team that gave us cancer with this layout.

  • Math

    This is for Google what Windows 8 was for Microsoft. Watch them dig in their heels and defend this crap.

  • misterjag

    There’s a reason why the front page of great newspapers like the NYT and the WSJ are jam-packed with news articles and all but devoid of white space: they understand the human capacity to scan and absorb. Why is Google trying to re-invent the wheel?

  • NYFM

    Surprised not to see the following phrase used here which encompasses succinctly what is wrong with the new design: lack of information density.
    But yeah, total disaster. Heartbreaking really.

  • Google … a big bunch of cretins. Clearly having so much money to burn has not made their organization smart. I get the feeling that it’s time to put this juggernaut monopolistic monstrosity down, and then bury it for the good of mankind.

  • charlieredfeather

    I can live with your new format – unwillingly. What I hate is once i read an article and get out of it, it takes me back to the top and i have to scroll ALL THE WAY down to where i was before. WHY? Why? Why?

  • jconner

    If everyone stops using it for a two week period(or till it changes back or to something usable) and use other sources it will stand as is. They will only get the message if they have a million or so less users per day. I’ve already switched to Yahoo and Huffington Post to read my daily news. Complaints go nowhere with the almighty Google. Once they have made a change it sticks unless it hits them in the wallet.

  • joel sain

    Well it must be great for all of the other news aggregators. I am mulling over a few options now that I realize that google hates me.

  • Mid West

    Someone designs something. Then some rich guy in charge makes it “better” until it fails. That defines business in America and the American dream. There is nobody in charge at any corporation who knows how to do anything right other than occasionally make money at someone else’s expense. As long as money defines things the new google news is what you get, because they don’t care what you want…and never have…and are certainly to Fn stupid to even understand what we liked about it or why this now sucks so totally and completely. Why is everything designed for a brain-dead 12 year old girl? Who would even read news that would like this design?

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Simply awful.
    What ‘was’ customized is is now ‘their’ random feed;
    and since I won’t sign-in….it is multiple steps backward.
    Reminds me of the old Netscape ‘here it is’ w/whitespace.

  • pointvicente

    Agreed. This is horrible. Perfect example of a dictatorship at the top that listens to no one but the so-called elites. Ridiculous! Scrambling to find a replacement.

  • noahbody


  • Sevull

    Google has gone in this direction before… In a bold, creative move, they went for that aesthetically “clean and uncluttered look”, by removing the traditional and easy to use menu bar and adding an extra step in which the user has to click on the little ambiguous looking icon in the upper right of the screen, then select from a pull down menu of giant icons. One can’t help but wonder why they don’t “go all the way” and implement the ultimate “clean and uncluttered look” by totally eliminating everything on the page! Of course it would totally eliminate functionality, but that’s the trajectory they’ve been on, so why not? Form over function. Yay! And in the other rubber room… we have Microsoft adding endless features to their applications and burying them in deeper and deeper menu trees… Yay! Programming monkeys having fun is way more important than functionality and ease of use, right? Somehow I think there’s a balance that can be achieved, but these nervous companies can’t seem to hold still, so they dance all around it in their change for the sake of change monkey motion. :-)

  • noahbody

    Terrible. You can’t scroll down to find more news anymore; there’s only 1 page. As others have mentioned there’s less news than before on that 1 page.

    “…The update works well with US news, but for locally sourced content “related articles” are poorly collected. As of writing, the top card for South Africa was one dedicated to the ANC — the ruling party that drives the majority of political news…”

    That’s great, but what if you want foreign news? What if you’re a foreigner who wants the full selection of your own domestic news, like it was before the redesign? Google has just made people less informed. This will have far-reaching effects.

    Somebody pointed me to Newslookup. I’ll be using that now. But there are huge gaps in its international coverage – for example under the ‘Europe’ tag, it’s all British newspapers with the occasional article from a German paper in English. Most European news is not available.

  • noahbody

    Windows 8 was what finally convinced me to figure out how to install Linux.

  • redeemed626

    I don’t know how else to say it. I can no longer search the news with Google News. The inability to sort sources by recency makes it totally worthless.

    The white space alone is enough to make me cry.

    I spend a fraction of the time using it compared to the previous design.

  • Dusit Mark

    It’s shit… Google is having a ‘Microsoft Vista’ moment.

  • Adi

    You can revert to the classic version of Google News – just install the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome and switch the user agent string to Windows Phone 8.

  • Userlevel Six

    here’s video of the current Google news team in action…


  • Glen

    The new design is sleek and uncluttered…by news. Totally useless.

  • Glen

    Thank you, @Adi! I can confirm that this works as of today. Got the old layout back.

  • corn2990

    Right… I said from the BLOG OF THE NEWS LEAD. I did NOT say the feedback forum. Reading is fundamental!

  • BeyondWords24

    I didn’t say it was A Blog of the news lead. It’s a google news feeback forum as I identified. Practice what you preach you raging a$shat.

  • Andrew Orr

    I have never seen a company sabotage a good service so completely before. One minute it was great. The next it was unfit for purpose. To call it a steaming pile of shit would an understatement. I will get my news elsewhere.

  • Andrew Orr

    Thanks! It looks like a good site. Wire services have pretty good sites. For all intents and purposes Google News is dead.

  • Andrew Orr

    You could actually drink New Coke. Google News is utterly useless.

  • Michael Morad-McCoy

    Exactly. Reminds me of USA Today: McNews.

  • corn2990

    I really don’t care what you said. My point was about a blog for the lead. You polluted the discussion with a link unrelated to my point. You’re a moron. There’s nothing for me to practice, a$shat.

  • JESSurfing

    I detest the new look of “Google News”. It is very difficult to navigate. “Google” should revert back to their former layout. Everyday, for years, I checked “Google News” to read news. Now, I can barely enjoy it. I will have to obtain the news from other sites.

  • Spiderking

    Half of my desktop screen is now white empty space, and there’s a narrow bar of “news” in the middle of all that empty space, with very big pictures in case I wanted to see very big pictures of articles I won’t read, and lots of scrolling going on now just to browse through a few articles I won’t bother reading. What a disaster. Who the heck thought this was a good idea?

  • Marie Lopez

    The Tech department is not only arrogant but the particular creator of this mess is protected by political correctness. When one is that arrogant they are not going to listen to the complaints and change for the public because they believe in time we will concede. Lost of revenue is sadly the only action they will listen to. Integrity, they have proven is not a motivation.

  • infamouscrimes

    It’s terrible. Completely useless to me now.

  • infamouscrimes

    Didn’t work for me. I get:
    Not Found
    Error 404

  • E;f

    The new format sucks. I’ll be going elsewhere.

  • pointvicente

    I found a replacement for now. Thanks for poko on the google forums for the tip about http://www.goodnoows.com i am trying it out now. This is exactly the layout I was looking for!

  • Lenson

    Change for the sake of change, older version was quicker to browse with more info upfront. New version has too much wasted space, awful, bad move Google.

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    Come on now, Vista isn’t this bad. I’d throw this more into the much deserved WindowsMe category. Really bad crap shoved down the consumers’ throats that stinks so much that they can’t give it away and not a single executive wants to claim credit for having anything to do with it.

  • Hughlon Thornbury

    Nope, I went with the penguin when Micro$oft tried to shove WindowsMe down our throats. There has to be a special room in Hell for anyone who had decision making privileges in the Me debacle.

  • dpat

    I only check out google news to see if they are listening to the 99% public complaint and have changed back to their previous workable news site, NOT.

  • Chuck Pav

    I thought yahoo was effed up after the at&t changes now google news too? Whats with you people? Change just because you can? You lost me, your new news sucks BIG TIME !

  • Manabi

    The new Google News design follows Google’s Material Design guidelines. Those were developed for phones, with little (more like no) thought given for such interfaces on desktop PCs. Google’s been doing this for a while now, ignoring desktop users to focus on redesigns that work great on smartphones and tablets. They haven’t said it specifically about Google News, but Material Design is de-facto phone only, and so now Google News is focused on phones & tablets over desktops.

  • Smoked

    Not a fan either, changed my news page from GOOGLE to the BBC.

  • Tom Brady

    I have had to stop using it. Google, WTF were you thinking? No wait, I know what happened. You hired a new I.T. manager and they felt that to prove their worth they had to make a change and show you how great they are, well they’re not.

  • jconner

    Google must have caught on it no longer works

  • Megan

    Guess I will switch to drudgereport.

  • You’re stealing my mother’s real estate; we must have the classic view back. A 1 inch bar at the top of the news page, for what purpose please? There are no answers, you’ve taken real estate property and we want it back. You need to listen to your user base.