Aiden the Zoologist is the best 8-year-old on YouTube

Do you know that ants with big heads are soldiers and that smaller ants are voyagers? Eight-year-old Aiden the Zoologist does, and he’s ready to share even more of his animal knowledge with the world.

Aiden wowed Twitter last month when he passionately explained the wonders of tree bark and beetles to his older sister — and now he’s got his own YouTube channel to show us all what it’s like to be young and curious and so damn smart.

When Britney Cooke’s video was posted to Twitter, support rushed in. It garnered 218 000 likes, and 85 000 retweets.

She almost immediately created a YouTube channel so that frustrated watchers could finally learn what animal lives for around 300 years (spoiler alert: it’s giant Galapagos tortoises and bowhead whales).

The channel received 33 000 subscribers in one month with just four videos. In one video, Aiden and his sister visit the beach.

“Can you believe animals can live in that?” he asks of the stormy sea. He may not believe it, but he certainly knows how, as he spouts facts on different sea animals. Can you believe pearls are mummified parasites?

Aiden’s enthusiasm is what makes him so entertaining to watch — and his array of knowledge is astounding.

“You can feel his passion, and his ability to pull different things to convey information is amazing!” wrote one viewer.

Another commented on his “bright future.”

Britney is aware of the young boy’s potential, and set up a GoFundMe campaign for his college fund. The campaign has pulled in nearly US$5000 in just a month.

Many have been calling for a TV show, or an appearance on Ellen, but for now Aiden is having fun finding shells, visiting zoos and brightening our days just a little bit.



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