Bare-metal servers provisioned in one hour, 24/7 [Sponsored]


Uptime is crucial. Most online businesses don’t keep office hours, so when you need a dedicated server for that important project, you can’t afford to wait for business hours.

Hetzner understands this need and we now supply standard builds of our powerful range of Self-Managed servers within an hour of the order being placed, 24/7/365. Custom orders take slightly longer.

Automated provisioning

Our automated provisioning process enables us to offer the power and security of a bare-metal server, provisioned with high performance server specs and installed with the OS of your choice (including Windows Server) delivered in under 60 minutes.

To achieve this, we maintain a stock of servers pre-built to our standard specification. When an order is placed online, our automated provisioning service completes the installation, including the relevant OS, and the customer gains access to the now ready server within an hour.

Linux based Operating Systems lend themselves well to automated installation, allowing us to deploy the latest, security-patched version of the OS onto provisioned dedicated servers. Windows Server installation is more challenging as it does not provide the same rich set of deployment tools as Linux. However, we have overcome this obstacle by developing a customisable network-bootable Windows installer, utilising a combination of software systems to deploy clean, pre-configured Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 hosts.


Other Benefits

In addition to the quick provisioning time, the product itself offers a number of benefits to the customer. These include:

Consistent quality in less time

The automated provisioning process allows us to consistently build each server to our high
quality specifications, with standard builds delivered in under an hour.


No lead time required, no waiting for business hours – your server is ready when you need it.

Powerful hardware platform

Our high performance bare-metal servers are built with Intel Xeon, multiple enterprise class disks, RAID and plenty of RAM. Housed in our world-class data centre with full redundancy, ensuring 99,9% uptime.

OS of your choice, including Windows Server

Create your custom server environment. Your server is commissioned with your choice of OS, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian or Windows Server.

Full control of your software

Total freedom to manage your server, with full root access. We provide the hardware while you manage your software.

Excellent price:performance value

Get the power and security of a bare-metal server backed by world-class infrastructure, from only R995 per month.

24/7 Service support

We offer round-the-clock hardware support and guarantee hardware replacement within 90 minutes.

Featured image: Torkild Retvedt via Flickr



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