Couple robbed in Ster-Kinekor theatre

ster kinekor robbery kaykaybarrie flickr

A couple claims they were robbed of their cellphones and other belongings in a Rosebank Ster-Kinekor theatre this weekend.

In a Facebook post that circulated social media, Darren Craig wrote that he and fiancée Giulietta Mazza were “robbed in [their] seats” at The Zone.

The number of assailants is disputed, as Craig writes that a “gang of five men” attacked them, while Ster-Kinekor has issued a statement that it was only one robber.

“Not one staff member in sight or willing to help,” Craig wrote.

The company responded officially on Twitter two days after the claim, stating that it was aware of the incident and that authorities have been contacted.

TimesLIVE reports that a “statement on their social media pages” commented on how customers should remain “vigilant” — a sentiment that sat poorly with customers.

Memeburn has been unable to access this initial statement, as it was geo-locked to Gauteng. An additional Facebook statement provides an update on the investigation, which includes the update on the number of assailants.

“Our investigation so far has found that it was not a group of people, but rather one individual who stole the customer’s belongings,” it wrote.

“A much better statement,” wrote one Facebook user.

The Zone is working with the “highest level” of Ster-Kinekor’s management.

Edit: Added further clarification on the initial Facebook statement.

Feature image: kaykaybarrie via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)



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