#Ophelia: Ireland prepares for storm by posting memes on Twitter

hurricane storm ophelia ireland memes

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia is currently battering the south-western coastline of Ireland, but much of the country doesn’t seem to be taking it very seriously.

#Ophelia is currently trending worldwide on Twitter at present, and obviously in Ireland. But while that hashtag does include updates on the storm, alerts and citizen reports, it also includes a healthy dosage of memes.

The snarky comments emanating from the emerald isle is as humourous as it is worrying, considering that Ex-Ophelia (as the UK Met Office is calling her) is still packing wind gusts in excess of 170km/h.

Nevertheless, it seems that the country can’t quite agree on how to spell the storm’s name.

Those who could opened their “Memes” folder, and bestowed Twitter with some novel gems.

Others were actually preparing for the storm, said to be the worst to hit Ireland in over 50 years.

A number of users in Ireland are livestreaming the storm’s arrival, and some are gazing across the street into their potential husbands’ eyes.

Of course, a dose of healthy social commentary was also handed out.

While the Irish reveled in the storm’s ability to bring the nation together.

Ex-Hurricane Ophelia is set to make landfall in Ireland today, and traverse across the Irish Sea through Scotland.

Feature image: MetEireann via Twitter



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