Google app Datally to help us save while waiting for data to fall

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South Africans have long been clamouring for cheaper data and it often feels like our complaints are falling on deaf ears. But if you’re anxiously awaiting the days data doesn’t cost you your left kidney, Google’s new app Datally could make your life a little easier.

In essence, Datally helps you “understand, control, and save mobile data”. How? First it lets you know exactly where your data is going and offers personalised tips on how to save more. It also offers a data saver mode that it describes as a “speedometer”; the mode blocks background data and tracks real-time usage while using apps.

Google’s new app Datally claims to help you “understand, control, and save mobile data”

Finally, it alerts you to public WiFi nearby — a feature improved by asking users to rate network quality so that you don’t have to waste your time on poor connections.

Of course, the app has its downsides, and the biggest will be for those wary of handing access over to corporations like Google. Datally only works when it has permission to users’ SMS and phone apps, as well as their location. It also requires access to view your phone’s usage (though that’s a given).

Datally offers the option to send Google both your app’s usage data and the SMS activity between you and your mobile operator so that the company can “improve” the app.

The app was tested in the Philippines over the past few months, and Google has professed that users saved up to 30% of data. It is now available globally on Android 5.0 or higher.



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