Tinder plans to make app less boring

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The first time using Tinder is a rush. Not only does it offer a nice little confidence boost, it also gives you the thrill of actively judging people who could end up being potential hook-ups, partners, or even spouses.

But the thrill wears off — and eventually Tinder becomes something to do when you’re bored, fidgety, or lonely.

Greg Blatt, the CEO of Tinder’s parent company Match, knows this. Which is why — after a successful third quarter for the app — the company is investing in features that will make the app more exciting, and hopefully encourage more matches to meet up in person.

In an earnings call, Blatt discussed how the company wanted to move the app away from being a mere “swiping machine”. How will it do this? With post-match content “bringing you deep into the activities of the people you’ve already matched with”, according to Blatt, The Verge reports.

These will include location-based features that will expand into “broader social endeavours”. Barron’s Next reports that Tinder is considering suggesting local activities for matched pairs.

The company is also working with AI, though it has revealed little on its future features. What we know for now is that the company is looking to use user data to personalise app experiences.

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