South Africans were asking Google about Dumi Masilela and bitcoin in 2017

Google has released its year in search, and while the global results are interesting (Cash Me Outside was the top-searched meme, sadly), South Africans had a locally-specific year filled with tropical storms, high-profile fights, and cryptocurrency.

According to Google, South Africa’s top search of 2017 was for the late Dumi Masilela, who was killed in a hijacking earlier this year. Masilela was best known for his role as Sifiso Ngema on Rhythm City, though he was also a musician and former soccer player.

The second-most searched? Zimbabwe — the country that endured the most this past month. And in third place was Cyclone Dineo, which battered Mozambique and Limpopo in February.

South Africa’s top Google search in 2017 was for Dumi Masilela, followed by Zimbabwe and Cyclone Dineo

But alongside these morbid searches were ones for Black Friday, Fast and Furious 8, and the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. So at least we were having some fun this year.

These were just straight-up searches, though, and South Africans were also asking Google for the meaning of life. Or, you know, bitcoin.

In the top five most-asked questions this year, locals wanted to know everything ranging from “What is bitcoin?” and “What is junk status?” to “What role can the private sector play in poverty alleviation?” Oh, and of course: “How to lose belly fat?”

But there were those who had no cares about belly fat: according to Google, the most-searched-for recipes in SA were oxtail recipes, quickly followed by those involving sweet potato, creamed spinach, beef stews, and vegan ingredients.

Locals were asking Google about bitcoin, junk status, and good ol’ diet tips

Over on the TV side, South Africans were most interested in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and HBO’s Game of Thrones. They also loved local content like IsibayaUzalo, and Idols SA.

Finally, it turns out South Africans are consuming a lot of KFC, Steers, and sushi — and probably not flossing nearly enough.

Google says that the most searched places “near me” included dentists, gynecologists, printing shops, doctors and pharmacies — as well as the restaurants listed above.

If you’re interested in learning what your fellow South Africans wanted to know this year, you can find the full lists here.



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