Google’s Password Checkup will monitor all your passwords for your own safety

Google password checkup

Google may be slowly putting an end to passwords, but that isn’t stopping the company from helping you ensure your current passwords are safe.

In a blog post on Wednesday, the company revealed that its Password Checkup feature will now actively monitor all your passwords on your Google account and inform you if they need to be changed.

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The feature also tells you when your passwords have been compromised and “gives you personalized, actionable recommendations when needed”.

Google originally launched the feature as an extension for Chrome earlier this year, but that too is changing.

“Later this year, we’ll build Password Checkup technology directly into Chrome for everyone — so you get real time protection as you type your password without needing to install a separate extension,” the company revealed.

It seems Google is intent on ensuring that its users feel safe and protected online. The company this week also added Incognito Mode to Maps and an auto-delete function for its users YouTube history.

Feature image: screenshot, Google via YouTube

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