New Netflix with ads-plan may block downloads

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Neflix Inc has announced it will launch an ad-supported tier in order to cater different price plans for its users, but there’s a catch.

Netflix’s ad-supported tier may block downloads and users may not be able to view shows, and movies, on a plane or on the go, if they’re on the new ad-supported tier plan.

The streaming service confirmed it would introduce a lower-priced ad-supported subscription plan in addition to the already existing ads-free basic, standard, and premium plans.

With the announcement, Netflix confirmed it had partnered with Microsoft as its global advertising technology and sales partner.

The streaming service is clearly headed toward providing content while making a buck from ads.

What does this mean for users?

A variety of reports indicate that users may not be able to download shows and movies to their devices for offline viewing.

Viewers who watch shows on the go may not be able to download shows once Netflix rolls out the new ad-supported tier, should they be on that new price tier.

This may be Netflix’s attempt to separate and distinguish the upcoming service from its current packages.

Once the ads-supported tier is live, users may not be able to skip ads, a usual move nowadays in the streaming world.

Netflix is limiting the frills on the ad-based tier although pricing may be the only added benefit for users.

The streaming service is not the only one moving towards an ads-based tier.

Disney announced that it would hike prices only to introduce a cheaper package alternative, an ad-supported Disney Plus plan.

Disney+ is in the process of restructuring their pricing options expected to take effect on December 8th, 2022.

Earlier in the year, Netflix announced a price hike in South Africa, with its Netflix standard plan increasing by R20, taking the price to R 159 per month.

The decision meant the Netflix Premium plan increased by R30 to around R199pm.

Users can expect to pay around R50 for the Mobile plan and R R100 for its Netflix Basic plan per month.

Download shows

Netflix’s offline mode currently lets you download shows and enjoy them offline.

Available on iOS and Android on all pricing plans, Netflix members can download shows in addition to streaming at no extra cost.

This offering allows users to watch shows or movies while on a plane or other places where internet is limited or expensive.

The feature is available on most new versions of Netflix’s apps, but not every show or movie is available for download, purely due to the restrictions in the programming contracts.

Once downloaded, custormers can watch shows, movies with or without an internet connection, perfect for those load shedding nights.

As a bonus, users are allowed to choose their download video quality which accommodate those on a tight budget.

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