Three gaming trends that could rule the industry in 2023

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Alongside society’s reliance on social media and the way in which we use apps to conduct various aspects of our lives, gaming is another area that has witnessed dramatic growth in recent times. In fact, when assessing our tech-related habits, gaming is one of the most popular.

Both commercially and technically, the gaming sphere has entered new ground all over the world. For example, a new PwC report suggests that the gaming industry could be worth a staggering $321 billion by 2026.

Likewise, the rise of popular modern-day options, such as gaming on a smartphone device, has contributed massively to the overall genre and now represents a genuinely viable gaming proposition for people to explore alongside options that have always appealed, such as on a console machine.

Innovation has certainly played a key role in gaming’s growing appeal. For instance, immersive technologies have added another layer to gaming’s offering, with gamers now able to explore virtual reality products from the comfort of their own homes.

Likewise, augmented reality releases are gathering momentum for a variety of different devices. A wave of new gaming trends are expected to enhance this growing entertainment category further, too.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at three gaming trends that are expected to rule the industry in the future.

Metaverse gaming is on the way

Metaverse gaming isn’t here just yet, but it’s most definitely coming. According to reports, many leading game studios are making plans for their first forays into the world of metaverse gaming, with the implementation of metaverse game development expected to gather further pace in the near future.

Offering a truly immersive gaming experience, metaverse gaming products will essentially enable gamers to create a virtual character that will be able to explore virtual environments, communicate with fellow players, and offer a range of customizable features that will result in more unique player experiences and different social interactions.

Online casinos are offering suberb slots and live casino products

One area of gaming that has risen up the gaming ranks in recent times is the wave of products that can be sampled in minutes at an online casino.

People can play a classic game of blackjack on the bus through a smartphone device, before arriving back home to finish their gaming session on a PC machine with a Greek mythology-themed slot game like Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters.

These titles are now being supplemented further by a range of new and improved products that are elevating the appeal of online casino gaming. In particular, live casino games are expected to experience further growth given their authenticity, with gamers able to explore live poker titles and even live game shows with a host and a dealer present, all from the comfort of their own phones.

Fitness gaming is a thing now

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Another gaming type that is likely to grow further in the future is the arrival of fitness games.

While gaming and fitness haven’t always been linked, these days there is a range of games that pair burning calories with gaming progress.

For example, the more progress you make in a game, the more calories you’re likely to burn in a typical session. Already, people are playing a selection of fitness-themed games that aren’t just fun, but also make a genuine difference to their physical health.

For example, AR fitness is a rising category of fitness gaming, with people enjoying the idea of keeping fit and healthy while exploring an interactive gaming environment.

These types of games are expected to rise to prominence even further in the near future.

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