Lock away family secrets with WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock update


Social messaging giant WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature to protect those intimate messages away from prying eyes.

Users now have access to a feature on both Android and iOS that allows them to turn on a password to protect personal chats including group chats.

If you have not checked your WhatsApp, the social media giant has launched a feature to increase the level of security for users.

Announced as Chat Lock the feature will be great to add to devices as an added security feature against intruders.

Intruders sounds a bit excessive, but we think you get the gist of it.

The update has been launched globally with WhatsApp even introducing the feature to devices through its status update feature.

Users in the country – provided they have the latest update of WhatsApp – should see a status update from WhatsApp introducing the new feature.

How does it work?

So users can lock their WhatsApp chats, and the chats will be kept separate from other chats in the locked chats folder.

To read the messages users will have to provide authentication using their device preferences such as the fingerprint, phone passcode, or Face ID.

  • Open the chat you want to lock
  • Navigate to the chat info and tap Chat Lock
  • Choose which unlock system to choose, eg face ID, fingerprint, lock this chat.
  • That chat should be locked.
  • Click out and view the locked chats in the folder.


Notifications behind locked chats will not show.  They remain hidden. The notification will show that there is a WhatsApp message pending.

This means the chat gallery will also be privatized with images not shown in the public gallery.

Muted chats can also be locked, alongside group chats.

The added bonus to the feature is that automatic backup of the feature also backs up locked chats.

When chats are locked another user does not know that the chat is locked and does not get a notification whenever the locked chat is unlocked.

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