Hours until Instagram Threads launch, is it better than Twitter?

One of Twitter’s competition Threads, or Instagram Threads is set to launch on July 6, hours away from revealing what some argue could create viable competition for Twitter due to the network of users coming from Meta.

What makes it interesting?

Threads may not be new considering we remember a stint appearance back in 2019, but it seems Meta will be reintroducing the feature a different way.

One of its selling points and possible advantage will be the idea to port user handles over from Instagram.

This introduces Threads with an edge over other new apps that compete with Twitter.

The incoming launch of Threads comes as Twitter makes changes to limit the number of posts an unverified user will see.

Musk announced that verified users will have access to more posts on Twitter with new users only obtaining limited access to the app.

The idea to possibly shift users to Twitter Blue and get Twitter users verified may just backfire if Instagrams’ Threads launches to create a new and exciting platform that pretty much works the same way as the blue birded app.

News of Instagrams Threads comes as Twitter makes changes to Twitter and TweetDeck which is a massive tool for online reporters and professionals.

While Tweetdeck is expected to become a paid-for platform, Instagram’s Threads have plans to integrate with the decentralized social media platform ActivityPub signaling a thought-out viable option for users.

Believed to be Instagram’s text-based conversation app, Threads will be available for pre-order on mobile app stores on iPhone and Android.

Instagram’s Threads plans to become a platform that allows users to discuss pretty much anything, but does that mean an opening for an Instagram deck, Twitter’s tweet deck competitor just as a final nail as a direct competitor?

The launch will come as Twitter undergoes some structural changes which to competition means an opening that any competitor relishes, especially when a competitor is flat-footed.

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Marcus Gopolang Moloko


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