Why strong brand identity is important in web design

What really sets a website apart?

In today’s digitally paced era, navigating seamlessly through strings of code online means having a platform that not only tells people what your business does, but how it will most likely service them long term.

The right message and vision need to make sense since today’s saturated online world requires some crucial factors to retain the attention of online visitors.

So, what sets a mediocre website apart from a great one? The answer isn’t just a good designer – a good brand identity is just as important. A brand’s identity needs to be the visual, emotional, and psychological depiction of your company’s values, according to Rogan Jansen, co-founder and creative director at DashDigital.

For any website to succeed, the user needs to walk away knowing what your company stands for he maintains.

A brand’s reputation is immediately elevated when its website not only looks good
but matches the brand’s identity which demonstrates why it exists.

We clearly agree with Jansen in that a unique value proposition that clearly defines what separates your website from others will be the key to optimal consumer retention.

Picking a particular niche that caters specifically with a certain audience with tailored solutions and content may be the key to optimal retention.

Clear messaging throughout the website from headlines to calls to action sets you apart in a manner that resonates with the desired target audience.

User experience and intuitive navigation and design also play a pivotal role. Clear menus, logical information architecture, and consistent design elements will assist in optimizing speed and responsiveness.

The right story matters and storytelling in the form of in-depth articles, tutorials, videos or even multimedia experiences makes an impactful difference.

Encouraging user engagement in the form of inviting comments, and discussions while providing feedback forums, and live chat features will ultimately foster a sense of community around your website.

It’s imperative to note that these arrays of information are not exclusive, but tailor-applying them to a website will not only make your site stand out but will also deliver a truly exceptional user experience.

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