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All posts by Adin Walls

Adin Walls
Runner up as 2010 best business blog, Adin focuses on what it takes to find your “calling” and exploit everything at your disposal to succeed. He lives and works in George, Western Cape, as a songwriter, recording artist and blogger. His key function is as a songwriter and finding other similar artists to join in on his creative business. Along with his wife, Rita, who runs her own business, they are entrepreneurs at heart, never satisfied with the humdrum monotony of a regular job. So you will find his articles to reflect this - entrepreneurialism, taking risks and using technology.
  • 5 free bacon apps for iOS that will have you licking your chops

    I’m a vegetarian. But the hardest dead animal flesh to resist is bacon. Even browsing for the top results in the Apple App Store, I found myself pining for dead pig at the sight of animated images of bacon. So here’s some bacon madness to whet your appetite: 1. More Bacon! Remember when you saw the first iPhone. It was revolutionary. It, seemingly, could speak to aliens and discipline your children. But all we ended up doing was play with Koi ponds where the fish nibbled your fingers and rolled balls around using the accelerometer. And, cook virtual bacon in a...

  • 5 iPad apps to make music now!

    Muso's kind of love the iPad. There's a truckload of tasty apps for the dedicated; musician; and we've got five of the best to get you rocking. Corny, but it's the best intro we can come up with after a heavy weekend of gadgets and boozing. 1. Garageband for iPad -- US$9.99 Garageband is a compact home studio. And that’s a big deal. Considering it’s competition -- FL Studio for iPad -- costs US$19.99! I...