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The Cynical Grinch is a skeptical iconoclast that tries to use his powers of rhetoric to help people see past the banalities of life by providing unorthodox workarounds to common situations, and try to provide people with new perspectives by seeing the world through controversially critical eyes.
  • How to hack your way to your first tech job

    Entering the job market is impossible; at least, it is if you round down to the nearest level of possibility. Getting a first time job for a skilled role or changing jobs without having several winters' worth of experience means that you're in for a tough battle. The problem is exacerbated when the same regurgitated career initiating advice is plastered all over job guides in popular magazines and on Alexa top 100 websites, in articles that are SEO'd to match every job search phrase you can possibly think of. Finding little gems of information that can help you cut...