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All posts by Justin Butlion

Justin Butlion
Justin Butlion is an entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Bmark. Justin has a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel and his interests lie in social media, online marketing, web development and e-commerce. Justin loves to connect with other techies via Twitter and blogs at thegreatgrind.com.
  • 4 golden rules for making your online comments count

    I recently noticed an open discussion on the popular LifeHacker site around bookmarking in Chrome. My startup is in this space so I dived right into the conversation. I wrote one long reply to the posted question and two other replies to other comments. Over the next 24 hours over 130 visitors were referred to my landing page. I was able to add another 35 individuals to my invite list and even two emailed me directly asking to become early testers of our product. We can all learn four important lessons from this story: 1. Be active where your market is...

  • 3 simple ways to drive engagement on social media

    We live in a blessed time. Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter have finally allowed for the scaling of one-to-one relationships online. The problem is that few are taking the amazing opportunity to create long-term quality relations with their followers and fans. Things are improving but most are still committing "crimes" when it comes to online engagement with their followers. This post will cover three easy to understand guidelines which everyone can adapt to improve overall engagement with their followers, which will in turn bring more traffic, strengthen the brand and drive higher profits. 1. Leave no engagement left...

  • Why timing is incredibly important for getting social media right

    Distributing content online is easier now than ever before. Anyone can start a blog in a few minutes, and then start sharing their opinions, stories and news via social networks to an audience of hundreds, if not thousands. An important element of content distribution online, which many overlook, is the element of timing. “When exactly should I update my Facebook page?” and “when should I be tweeting to maximize engagement?” are questions which are often raised by online marketers and brand owners. Luckily, we have solid data to show us when exactly we should update our social networks and...