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All posts by Maricelle Boshoff

Maricelle Boshoff
Maricelle Boshoff is Operations Manager at HansaWorld South Africa. A champion of ERP systems, she believes in future-proofing a business with mobilized consumerized ERP. This means providing solutions that are mobile, user friendly and extremely easy to use by digital natives. And delivering these will likely see a huge upturn in both productivity and efficiencies.
  • Driving innovation and productivity through effective communication

    Innovation is a driving force behind business improvement and increased productivity. The internet and mobile technology, for example, now enable employees to work from anywhere and to collaborate with colleagues in other offices with ease. Virtualisation and cloud have made businesses more agile and effective. Automation software frees up employees’ time by enabling them to focus on doing their core jobs without getting bogged down performing simple, repetitive tasks. When used properly, technology presents a wide range of ways for businesses to work more efficiently and, in doing so, to be more productive. Those modern businesses that tap into current innovations...

  • Subscription-based ERP software becoming more relevant during SA’s economic toils

    In light of South Africa’s recent economic upheaval, local enterprises are under more financial pressure than ever before, with many sacrificing critical business management tools so as to protect their all-important cash flow. Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP as it’s commonly known, is one of many key business tools entrepreneurs have historically steered clear of, deterred by the financial implications such an investment might have on business. Traditionally thought of as a big business tool, ERP software enables business owners to enjoy a 360 degree view of their operation, improving transparency and collaboration, and in many cases, significantly reducing operational...

  • Cape Town’s flexible work hours may prompt businesses to move to the cloud

    The City of Cape Town’s proposal to introduce flexible hours to combat heavy traffic has cast a spotlight on existing business inefficiencies, and highlighted the need for local enterprises to find alternative logistical solutions in the cloud. Thanks to legacy hardware, poor internet infrastructure and a resilient populace familiar with the nine-to-five concept and centralised office locations, South African companies have been slow to adapt to this global trend, resulting in the kind of congestion previously only seen in cities like Los Angeles and Bangkok. Much of this could be alleviated by a widespread move to the cloud, something which would...