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All posts by Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg
Matthew Charles Mullenweg is an Online/Social Media entrepreneur, Web Developer and musician living in San Francisco, California. He is best known for his development of Open Source web software WordPress (which is now managed by The WordPress Foundation). He founded Automattic, a company based in California which provides free WordPress blogs. He is also an Open source enthusiast, being the lead developer at WordPress Foundation.
  • The Mullenweg 6: Predictions for Apple’s future

    I have no inside information or insight, but historically Apple’s product improvements have strongly rebroadcast where it’s going in the future. Here are six things I think Apple will inevitably do over the next decade, from most to least obvious: Maps, iCloud, payments, TVs, search, and cars. 1. Maps When the iPhone was first released Steve Jobs called Maps on iPhone the best version of Google Maps on the planet, with emphasis on what Apple’s designers had brought to Google’s raw technology. Four years later, you can't imagine such a core piece of the mobile experience reliant on its largest...