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All posts by Simon Dingle

Simon likes discourse and disruption. Mostly, he likes discourse about disruption. He also enjoys designing things. He's part of the team making you something for your money over at 22seven ​and he discusses your technology on 5FM and the ZA Tech Show every week. He also edits the Tech Trends pages for Finweek Magazine and speaks at conferences and other events. ​In the past Simon contributed to technology, business and lifestyle publications including Brainstorm, PC Format, Africa Telecoms and Stuff. He wrote a chapter on Mark Shuttleworth for the book South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs and worked as a communications consultant to Google, Microsoft, Oracle, The Shuttleworth Foundation and others. Simon was also a talk show host on Talk Radio 702 from 2008 to 2010. In recent months he has met with former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, former joint-CEO of Research In Motion (BlackBerry) Jim Balsillie, and many more, gathering the latest insights for his talks, shows and writing.
  • Jimmy Wales talks online protest, censorship and the flow of information

    In a recent interview with prominent financial magazine Finweek, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales spoke about how the internet has impacted on the world's protest movements and how governments have sought to quell those movements. He also spoke about the measures some governments are taking to try to curb the free flow of information online, legitimate or illegitimate, is essentially "impotent". With Finweek's permission, Memeburn has selected extracts from the interview, which strike right at the heart of these topics. There are fascinating scientific discussions to be had about information and its probable fundamental place in our universe, but...