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All posts by Sorab Ghaswalla

Sorab Ghaswalla
An old world journalist who went to the light. Sorab Ghaswalla is a born-again chronicler (this time digital), a newbie Internet Entrepreneur and a digital world consultant, all rolled in one. One of the Internet’s earliest advocates, he was snared by the Web in 1999. He’s been in the zone ever since. To give a more formal touch to his Internet nomadism, he recently founded an Internet consultancy firm, New Age Content Services LLP (www.newagecontentservices.com). The firm also owns two Sites – What’s New On The Net (http://www.whatsnewonthenet.com) and the 1st-ever Digital World Lifestyle Blog called Always Above the Fold (http://www.alwaysabovethefold.com), which Sorab edits. Roaming the labyrinths of the digital world, he occasionally surfaces in the real one. Because of which his family and friends have given him the moniker -The Digital Monk.
  • 6 technologies that may govern our lives in 2013

    It’s that time of the year again: time to take stock of what’s gone by and of things to come. For the purpose of this post, I shall stick to what we need to watch out for in the new year. To be precise, what’s going to happen on the technology front in 2013. Crystal ball gazing does not sit well with me. There’s always the chance of losing one’s shirt if the predictions don’t come true. Nevertheless, I shall carry on gamely, since the world grooves to a techno-beat. What I am about to write here cannot...

  • What did 2012 do for technology?

    There’s little doubt in my mind that 2012 will not be marked in red in the technology history book for it was certainly not a revolutionary year so far as cutting-edge technology and its development is concerned. There weren’t any major, path-breaking breakthroughs, and readers are free to disagree but only by providing concrete evidence. I would think history will look at 2012 as a year of plodding progress on the emerging technology front, a milepost rather than a ground-breaking phase. No doubt though, the year did see some concerted effort across the globe on the technology front,...

  • Wireless charging: the tech’s here, standards are the new headache

    You would once have had to be a nutty professor or James Bond to do the stuff that I am about to talk about. Imagine dumping your “out-of-juice” mobile into your handbag and taking it out some time later, fully charged. Or walking into a room with your "dead" tablet, and re-charging it without ever plugging it in a socket charger. Fallacy or fact? Let me put it this way -- the white coat R & D scientists tell us that wireless charging of devices is a laboratory success. Within the next year, you may be able to place...

  • 5 technologies that will disrupt the world in 2013

    Five emerging technologies could become mainstream next year. A list announcing the constituents was released by The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), a heavyweight trade body in the US consumer electronics market, recently. Mind you, these are not products but new technology trends that we are talking about. So let the drums roll as I list the five... 3D printing Next-gen TVs and displays Evolution of the audio market Mobile revolution in Africa Technology in education To anybody following new technologies, 3D printing topping the list is a no-brainer. The technology has been around for over three decades now, but has taken some serious strides in the...

  • The new Aakash: Can India’s student tablet really make an impact again?

    News recently dropped that the new version of the Aakash, India’s “student” version of a tablet computer, will launch on 11 November this year. The slate will be priced around US$42 for now, until the numbers scale up enough to pull the tag below US$35. The question is – does this second attempt come too late in the day for this little mickey? This is a first anywhere in the world, perhaps. An elected government getting into the “business” of e-learning by placing an order for a cheap, ‘Made In India’, computing device, and then handing over the same for...