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All posts by Stuart Buchanan

Stuart Buchanan
Stuart Buchanan is a trained journalist who left the media world to join online start-up 22seven, but still attempts to contribute words and thoughts to his first passion. Mostly, this ends up being nothing more than silly tweets about current affairs or internet memes. His interests are technology, gadgets, and self-deprecation, and his dislikes are commercial radio stations, asparagus, and referring to himself in the third person.
  • The life wireless — are we ready to cut the cord?

    I hate wires. For every piece of technology I own, there seems to be at least three cables that come along with it. A work colleague often refers to the daily routine of plugging our laptops into the monitor, keyboard, power source, mouse etc. as putting it on life support. It feels as if wireless technology is still trying to catch up with all the cool gadgets that are created every year. Why...

  • 5 of the best cases for the new iPad

    So, you just forked out a ton of money for a new, shiny iPad. If, like me, this was your first introduction to the world of Apple, you’re probably staring at the screen, a little scared even to touch it. Taking it out the box is almost unthinkable! What if you should drop it? What if a seagull flying overhead happens to take aim right above it? The world is a scary, and...