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All posts by Zuko Leonard Rabotapi

Zuko Leonard Rabotapi is Marketing and PR Manager for Adobe Systems Sub-Saharan Africa & Israel. Leading the company’s marketing strategy, he is the champion for Adobe’s digital experiences mantra and a true pioneer for creative brand development across Africa and Israel. He is the mastermind and architect of gocreate.pro – one of the biggest online contests targeting creative professionals and students across the world, loveacrobat.pro as well as the development of numerous innovative Facebook applications on behalf of Adobe in Sub Saharan Africa & Israel. His passions are digital and creativity. He’s also a total social media aficionado. All Adobe’s marketing campaigns leverage world class social media integration tools as a result of his digital expertise. A graduate of Boston Media House (RAU /now UJ) in Media Studies, Leonard continues his studies with the IMM Graduate School of Marketing.
  • Social maturity: what it takes to get there

    Social technologies are changing the way organisations communicate and collaborate which in turn is impacting on the way these companies look at their resources, skills, tools, processes and culture. In essence, they have to ensure their employees have the skills and technologies to solve their customers’ problems in a digital world and create an empowered organisation. These empowered organisations, or socially mature businesses, stand to benefit from the use of social technologies in various ways, for example: Additional value from customer advocates: through social media, people have greater access to the brands they love and it is also easier to be...

  • Why nurturing creativity is necessary for innovation

    Without creative individuals, we would not be able to enjoy the innovation that punctuates our lives on a daily basis. How can organisations retain this valuable skill while driving productivity? Creativity has always been the driving force behind human innovation. This unique quality is recognised as the primary contributor towards the ‘spark’ that has brought us each and every basic necessity, creature comfort and technology that we take for granted on a daily basis. Without it, the human race would be little more than creatures in the wilderness. It is creativity that sets us apart and has allowed us to...