New Apple TV to launch with iPad 3? [Rumour]

When one Apple product emerges, another , usually follows shortly thereafter. If nothing else, this satisfies the naysayers who doubt Apple’s gadget prowess. Case in point, a new Apple TV is rumoured to be coming out shortly after the iPad3 launch next week.

A developer close to the production of the Apple TV has all but confirmed that the new Apple TV will roll out alongside the iPad 3 launch. With Apple TV sales short of acceptable and the Cupertino-giant now placing a delay on Apple TV shipments, a newer model may just be in the pipeline.

Can rumours equate to a modicum of sense? Let’s look at the facts. A story from earlier this week claims that a “new Apple TV box” will launch alongside the iPad, with the reporter even managing to root out a part number for the new device — “MD199LL/A – J33 BEST –USA”. Make of that as you will.

If the new iPad ships with a higher resolution screen, the current Apple TV will be left in the dust, as it only supports resolutions of up to 720p. The newer iPad will blaze past 1080p, which is a sore mismatch for two technologies which are supposed to act in union.

The reporter reveals a further accessory for the Apple TV — the oddly named “B82” — which could be a new remote. Currently, the Apple TV remote is a piss-poor accessory which barely functions as a power-user would wish it to. If Apple is sneaking out a unified touchscreen remote, I’ll be first in line to purchase one.

Remote or no remote, a new Apple TV is practically guaranteed to launch alongside the iPad 3 next week. What will its specifications be, will it support 1080p and most of all, will it improve on the bland design of the current model? Apple will reveal all come 7 March.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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