New iPad jailbroken in three ways

Let’s file this under “F” for “freaking awesome.” Hours after Apple released the new iPad into the hands of the unsuspecting public, it was jailbroken. And there are three possible ways to do it.

Jailbreak one: Musclenerd’s root access hack

Old king Musclenerd is one of the grandfathers of hacking and is famous for most of the user-friendly jailbreak apps currently available. His tweet below hypes up the crowd:

Musclenerd’s tablet was rooted to run the Cydia store. As his tweet states, there is no ETA regarding the arrival of this jailbreak.

Jailbreak two: i0n1c and the untethered jailbreak

Musclenerd’s hack was very quickly followed up by i0n1c’s effort, himself a member of Pod2g’s Jailbreaking crew. i0n1c even released a video as proof of concept. The video shows the new iPad accessing the Cydia store.

Jailbreak three: phoenixdev and chpwn crack the new iPad wide open

The images in the tweet link to various images of the new iPad running the Cyida store. Crazily, this jailbreak method doesn’t use the infamous kernel exploit of old.


No details on any of these jailbreaks have been released, outside of these proof of concept shots and videos. If past Jailbreaking exploits are anything to go by, we can expect a workable solution before month end.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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