Targus Truss case for BlackBerry PlayBook [Review]

GEARED Playbook-case-

GEARED Playbook-case-

This review can go one of two ways. Super short, punchy and insightful or long and rambling. I’m going for the former.

Targus’ Truss case is a beautifully realised accessory. It’s jam-packed with oodles of luxury, stinks of class and turns the already gorgeous PlayBook into a tome of mighty power. Let me explain.

The case is roughly US$40 depending on where you find it. If you find it laying in the road, it’s free. If it’s hanging in a fancy tech store, it’s going to be US$40. But what a case it is. The (very) hard outer shell is pure leather. It’s as if Targus managed to skin a bull and wrap its wet hide around a case made from meteorite.

So the leather is plush, smooth to the touch and smells of wealth. What of the inside of the case? It’s all non-scratch microsuede and it feels amazing. A light touch on the protective microsuede feels spongy, but very resilient as it absorbs my light finger-presses. Best of all, it kept the screen free of scratches and fingerprints.

So it’s a case, and a stand. Grooves inside the case let the PlayBook rest, turning it into a tiny stand for content. It’s not very stable though, as the smooth leather doesn’t really hug the surface it’s resting out. Regardless, if you’re laying on the couch it’s awesome for balancing on your stomach and watching repeats of Adventure Time.

The case snaps closed care of the wraparound band cover. The only issue I had was getting the PlayBook into the case. Wrenching the tablet under the hinges is a nightmare but once it’s in, it’s in for good.

And that’s about it folks. It works where it should, smells great, is protective and marries well with the corporate aesthetics of the tablet. It’s an excellent addition for any PlayBook owner, and I highly recommend it.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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