This is the next-gen iPhone 5, maybe

Breaking point has been reached. Thanks to this site, the most complete image of the iPhone 5, next-gen iPhone, whatever has been released.

Great photo’s though, and the images are pretty close to the billions of rumours bubbling on the surface of the internet. Such as the redesigned, smaller connecting port and a larger, 4.95-inch screen. It’s not the easiest thing to tell from these shots, but the phone looks huge and without whipping out a pixel-by-pixel comparison chart, these images of the next-gen iPhone are most definitively larger than 4-inches.

The next-gen iPhone was fully broken down, with individual parts stripped from the device and laid bare. The random parts from next-gen iPhone aren’t that interesting as without an engineering degree, it’s pretty much impossible to tell what each part does, or if it’s even legitimately new.

Here’s the thing: where does the truth begin, and where do the rumours end? We’re just under a month and a bit now from seeing the next-gen iPhone in all its glory. And all it takes are images and a video like these to push us just a little bit closer to the edge.

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