HP launches four ultra-slim Windows 8 PC’s

Here are four super-thin and highly desirable Windows 8 PC’s from Hewlett-Packard. Sexier than Apple’s iMac range? let’s have a gander:

HP Pavilion 20

As for the Pavilion 20, let’s just call it the entry-level HP of the family. Look forward to a wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as a choice between an Intel or AMD CPU. At US$499, the Pavilion 20 is scheduled for release 23 October.

HP Envy 20 and Envy 23 TouchSmart PC

What’s the best thing about  the TouchSmart range of PCs? Is it the “10-point-touch” technology wired into them? Is it the price of US$799 and US$999 respectively? Nah, for us it’s all about the Prometheuslike design, which is slick enough to warrant a purchase at this price. No fancy wireless trackpad though, just a mouse and keyboard. Who needs a trackpad with a touchscreen though am I right?

The HP SpectreOne

Here it is, the flagship range of HP’s new all-in-one desktop “solutions.” SpectreOne is not touchscreen like the Envy’s, the focus instead is laser-honed at the  supermodel-thin, 23.6-inch full-HD display. This US$1299 PC is a mere 29cm’s thin with a 1GB GPU and an Apple-like trackpad. NFC is also thrown in, so we’ll finally have a reason to enable this on our smartphones. If you’re thinking about tapping a Lumia on the corner of the screen to logon, you’re not too far off from the truth. Look for the SpectreOne sometime in November.

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