Logitech Stereo Headset H130: it gets the job done

This entry-level offering from Logitech is a headset whose simplistic design and minimalist features offer everything that one would expect for R200. Its back-of-the-neck wrap around design, sure to keep ones carefully styled “faux-hawk” in place, gives the H130 a distinctive look. Its most important feature however, is its noise-cancelling microphone, which rotates and twists for optimal positioning.

The H130 is not designed to listen to music, the sound is decent, but definitely struggles when the volume gets turned up. In the world of Dre, Gaga and “Bieber-fever” endorsed headphones, the H130 lacks the ability to lure Beats toting youths over to team Logitech. In this regard, it is out of its element… but that’s OK. The best part of this headset is its understanding of its identity, it knows exactly what its purpose and function is. The natural environment of the H130 is the joyless world of the call centre operator. It seems equally adept at handling all your Skyping, Windows Live and Yahoo messenger needs. So much so that they provide their own calling app, Logitech Vid HD that works seamlessly with the H130.

The overall verdict on the H130 is that it is a solid communication aid, keeping with the standard of quality that Logitech is known for. The one issue that I have with this headset has nothing to do with design, quality or price, but rather the fact that the H130’s big brother, the H150, offers both in-line volume controls and microphone muting.

So it therefore begs the question: why not pay a little extra for a better product? I leave that choice to you, but if you’re looking for a well-priced product with few frills or fuss, the H130 will definitely get the job done.



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