Apple stalling third-party production of Lightning accessories

Apple has put in new restrictions that require third-party manufacturers to go through a certification process before Lightning accessories can go into production.

With the market on Apple-based accessories almost rivaling that of the creators themselves, this new development looks to hamper and ultimately limit the options available to consumers. When the iPhone was released, the first bone of contention was its newly designed connection port. The immediate effect for consumers was that all prior iPhone related accessories had to either be thrown away or fitted with adapters.

It now seems that Apple will be piling on further frustration. iLounge is reporting that smaller manufacturers are cancelling pre-orders on products due to the fact Apple have kept manufacturing and licencing details on the Lightning connector to itself. According to sources, Apple will be holding a seminar set for November where manufacturers will be “shown” new licencing processes. This has led third-party manufacturers to believe the problematic “capability of unlicensed adapters” will force consumers to buy Apple’s more expensive US$29 adapter.



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