Microsoft’s Surface RT Touch Cover starting to peel

Microsoft’s newly designed Surface RT Tablet has received a warm reception from consumers, it has not however repaid the favor as its Touch Cover keyboard is falling apart according to many disgruntled users.

The bulk of complaints posted on Surface Forums identify the docking component of the keyboard as the source of the problem. Users have noticed the synthetic covering for the keyboard starting to peel as a result of frequent use.

This is not the most reassuring news for potential users to hear, especially considering that the Touch Cover keyboard is one of the key features that Microsoft has been highlighting in ad campaigns.

In response Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and the company is said to be in contact with consumers who have experienced build quality issues.

In a statement given to PC World, a company spokesperson said, “Microsoft makes every effort to ensure our customers receive a high quality product. We are in active contact with our Customer Support operations and are aware of a small number of instances of material separation”.

As Microsoft’s first foray into the competitive tablet-hybrid market is gaining good traction, this latest build quality issue is the last thing it needs as the festive season approaches.

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