WP8 launcher app marries Android and Metro

Still contemplating whether or not to get a Windows Phone 8 device? To help persuade users, app developers have designed and uploaded a host of Windows Phone 8 metro styled apps to offer the look and feel of Microsoft‘s latest OS.

The app doesn’t give users the full WP8 experience, but offers a taste of what living with Live Tiles might be. Interested Android users will unfortunately not be able to access the app via the Google Play store, but can follow this developer link to have a look. The app was last updated 13 November and addressed certain bugs that users found.

If users are looking for something a little more legit, there are a couple of good WP8 styled apps for Android also available for download on the Google Play store. WP8 Launcher also offers users access to all their existing Android apps and functionality such as Google Chrome, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail.

This app is designed to give the best of both worlds. A fresh new user interface modeled on Microsoft’s design and the openness of Android that users love. Give it a try and let us know if it delivers.

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