Innovations matters: Liquipel 2.0 now ‘100 times better’ at smartphone waterproofing [CES]

We haven’t gone ape with the CES stories for a simple reason: innovation is severely lacking. 4K TVs, cheap and tacky tablets, endless USB crap-gadgets, it’s a minefield of “meh”. Thank god for Liquipel 2.0 then, a practically invisible, water-coating that permanently bonds to our precious smartphones. Sure, it debuted at CES 2012 but it wasn’t “100 times better” like it is now. Onto the news!

The upgraded Liquipel offers improvements in “durability, corrosion resistance and water protection” according to the press release. But who cares about words. This video is all you need.

Thanks to Engadget for this lovely video

Here’s a blurb from Danny McPhail, Liquipel’s Head of Product Development and Co-Founder who grinds out some gems when describing the waterproof coating. “Liquipel version 2.0 is a huge advancement for super-hydrophobic nanotechnology.” Super-hydrophoic. Nothing is better than super, kids.

The liquid-repellent coating permanently bonds to the device without impacting its aesthetics. Liquipel’s even been kind enough to take it’s show on the road with its < span=""> href=”” target=”_blank”>Liquipod — a DIY Liquipel coating machine. Interested? Visit Liquipel’s site, send in a device for waterproofing and enjoy tweeting underwater.

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