Samsung’s next-gen smartphone ‘Altius’ may be the Galaxy S IV

Sammobile, a fairly reliable source for Samsung information has dropped a vertible bombshell on us. On 15 April, Samsung may ship the “Altius”, a codename for it’s latest Galaxy model which may or may not be the Galaxy S IV.

The Altius started life as “Codename J”, and we now know, thanks to Sammobile, that Altius will come in white and black and will sport some insanely maxed-out specs. And best of all, the wireless charging which was bloody well dropped from the S III is going to make its way to Altius. It may not even be called the Galaxy S IV as the number four is seems as bad luck in Korea. Fancy that. On to the rumored specifications. Please note, the image below is most likely fake, but it’s a decent render of what could be in store for Samsung fans.

Galaxy S 4 render

Maybe, maybe not

8-core insanity 

There’s a lot of power under the hood of Altius. The battery is a meaty 2600mAh which is ideal for powering the Exynos 5 Octa 8-Core CPU. The GPU, a Mali-T658 is also an 8-core beast. The Super AMOLED full HD screen is just shy of phablet status, and will measure 4.99-inches. There’s 2GB RAM under the hood, an astonishing 13-megapixel camera, a 720p HD-capable camera and Android 4.2.1. And of course, it’s rumored to arrive 15 April. As it is with most rumors, the Altius is probably sitting in a Samsung laboratory somewhere, waiting for its day of birth.

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