New ‘The Evil Within’ screenshots drip with fear and familiarity

Evil Within Lead

The Evil Within is Skyrim creator Bethesda’s stab at the survival horror genre. That’s our best guess, based on the scary videos and screenshots that were recently released. While the trailer for The Evil Within is a few weeks old, these screenshots are brand new and dripping with fear and shed a little more insight into what is surely going to be an incredible gaming experience. Remember the trailer?

Here are the eight new screenshots which happen to reveal much about The Evil Within.

The Evil Within: New screenshots
left right


This shot is pure Bethesda. We could almost mistake this for a Skyrim screenshot.

More Village

Let’s hope the screenshots hold up in-game. If these graphics are any indication of the final product, we’re in for a visual treat.

Even More Village

Finally, a gameplay shot that makes sense. The Evil Within now gets an Alan Wake-like screenshot with the hero shooting a conjoined monster apart.

Asylum Underground

This here is pure FEAR territory. This is probably not the lead character, but it could be a main “big bad dude”.

More Asylum Underground

Will sneaking play a bigger part than combat in The Evil Within? Traditionally, survival horror gamed keep the player weak and confuses right up until the end. The Evil Within will seemingly follow suit, but your character looks like a detective/private investigator so handguns should at least play a large part in the game.

The Gritty Asylum Underground

So, it’s a third-person action-horror game with a next-gen shine. The hanging bodies are very Dead Space 3, while the room looks like it was lifted straight out of Silent Hill.

Asylum Reborn

Look at that thing. Silent Hill wishes it could imagine monsters as frightening as this.

Asylum Exterior

It’s practically confirmed here that The Evil Within is a third-person game.

Evil Within Lead

We referenced a lot of games now. Silent Hill, Dead Space, F.E.A.R, Alan Wake and Resident Evil. These screenshots from The Evil Within seem like a hodgepodge of the above-mentioned games but with some like, Bethesda will inject its trademark magic into what could be the best game of the year, when it’s finally demoed at E3 2013. For more about The Evil Within, there’s the usual social media sites to follow.

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