18 of the most awesome geeky gadget cases and skins we found on Society 6

Over in the awesome corner of the web, populated with things like Grumpy cat and videos of dancing robots, lives a site called Society 6. If you’re looking to give your iSomething or Galaxy S4 a little more personality, it’s a good place to start.

The site accepts contributions from hundreds of thousands of artists around the world, who submit their designs and photographs which are then transformed into everything from t-shirts to pillow cases to framed prints and gadget cases. The crowdsourced art portal / online store takes care of the production and distribution of the product, the artists keep the rights to their work and everyone takes a cut of the profits. As a result, the site has become home to some of the most innovative and quirky designs ever to grace the back of a MacBook.

We’ve rounded up a few of the geekiest laptop decals and iPhone, iPod, iPad and Galaxy S4 cases and skins the artists over on Society 6 have come up with.

18 awesome geeky gadget cases we found on Society 6
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This case, coupled with the droid's cute beeping sounds as your message tone, would make Star Wars fans happy every time they got an SMS.

Storm Walking

Yes, Stormtroopers know how to party. This iPad case proves it.

Gameboy Colour

This case will make you nostalgic every time you pick up your phone.

Iron Man Much?

Nokia 3310

Why wouldn't you want to make your smartphone look like one of the most iconic vintage cellphones of all time? Just remember, this skin or case won't make your phone as indestructible as Nokia's baby.


No, you're not Harry Potter. But this case lets you pretend you own a backpack from the school everyone wishes was real.


Peter Parker in paint, on a Galaxy S4. There's also a Batman and Iron Man version, if you're fussy about your superheroes.


This case will remind you of a time when gaming involved lining up perfect rows of blocks.

Mario Cart

Who needs Retina Display when pixels are this awesome?

8 Bit

Nothing like some colourful aliens to adorn your laptop.


The game is still addictive, even if this case reminds you how it's all going to end.


Sorry, this case isn't bigger on the inside.

The Modern Geek

Phone? Check. Nerdy/cool glasses? Check. Controller. This case has it all in one place.

Why Not Droidberg

Love Futurama? Love Android? This case understands you.

Alien Autopsy

So... that's what goes on in Area 51.

Facebook Phone

'Designed by Zuck' and 'made by Github', this is as close as we're going to get to a Facebook phone for now.

Grumpy Cat

I had a Tardar Sauce phone case once. It was awful.

Pokemon And The Claw

This case is a quirky twist on the Pokemon craze that doesn't require dealing with little red and white balls or Pikachu's squeaks.

Pacman Daleks

What do you get when you combine retro gaming with Doctor Who? Another level of geekery.

Society 6

Images: Society 6.



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