The best 6 trailers from E3 2013 so far

game trailers e3 2013

Enough said? E3 2013 is in full swing and the trailers below represent the cream of the crop. “But where’s The Phantom Pain, and Beyond: Two Souls and Halo 5 and…” shhhh it’s okay. Those were fun trailers, but these are pulse-pounding fun. Enjoy.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft loves making games like Watch Dogs. You’d think that with Mirrors Edge, Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia’s love of anarchy that Ubisoft has a bone to pick with one-percent. From what the incredible trailer shows off, the hero is a hacker with a love for John Woo-style table jumping. Also, we now see what the plot of Watch Dogs is: the hero takes down shadowy figures with his penchant for hacking. We know that this is just a rendered trailer, but imagine if it was in-game video. Guess what, the trailer wasn’t rendered, it was all from Watch Dogs on PS4. Blowing minds, that’s Ubisoft’s real job.

Final Fantasy XV

Exciting stuff, that’s what this video promises. Final Fantasy XV looks fun, which is in stark contrast to the bitter pills we’ve had to swallow over the years. Final Fantasy’s on the Xbox 360 and PS3 were to put it mildly, bad. XV will turn around FF’s ailing fortunes with some luck, as the realtime fighting system looks dynamic, intuitive and above all, cool. The video shows us a game that’s as close to cut scene as can be, but with a Devil May Cry-like fighting system. We’re crossing fingers that FF XV will be a good game this time.

Batman: Arkham Origins 

It’a a Batman game, and it’s part of the Arkham trilogy. So guess what, it’ll be good no matter what. Even if we’re forced to play as Robin, again. Batman: AO is the beginning of the Arkham story with Black Mask – a high level mob boss – as the primary antagonist. The Joker may not be voiced by Luke Skywalker anymore, but who cares when it’s more Batman? The trailer shows off a new type of detective mode, with Batman being able to reverse time to see when an incident took place. How can Batman rewind time? We look forward to the explanation.

inFamous: Second Son

inFamous 1 and 2 were tons of explosive, crazy, off-the-wall, pray for your life moments wrapped into an open world. The PS4 exclusive, Second Son made us look twice thanks to the uncanny valley cut scenes. Skin reacts as it stretches over bone and the new protagonist looks every inch the superhero slacker. We keep emphasizing the word “fun” throughout most trailers and Second Son may be the one to beat in entrainment value. Just look at the smile on Delsin (yes, that’s his name) as he launches into orbit at the end of the video.


“They call it… The Traveller.” Destiny is hair-raising stuff. From Bungie, the creators of Halo comes an incredibly ambitious and epic shooter that will test the very limits of online multiplayer. Or, it’ll be a fine way to waste a few hours. Either way, we’re sold. The strains of Halo were felt near the end of the video where thankfully, the first-person shooting perspective was shown for half a second. Mostly, we were treated to a third-person view of battle which is fine, but not suitable for the hardcore shooter crowd. Let’s hope Destiny does as much as it can do to distance itself from it’s rich pedigree.

Battlefield 4

In this video, the multiplayer element – which is the important part – of Battlefield 4 is shown off in full force. For fans of the series, this will enthrall them. From the helicopter ride, to the jumping out of a collapsing building, the map plays out in real-time as you ride elevators, collapse tanks through the floor (not a typo), command the troops from a tablet and reverse knife-kill enemy players. Modern Warfare is good arcade fun, but the 64-player action of Battlefield 4 is for the real solider.


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