5 of the worst and weirdest crowdfunded gadgets

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We all hear about these amazing crowd funded projects that start out as an idea and become an overnight success, being funded many times over before the deadline is even up.

Sounds awesome right?

But what about those projects that are just a little weirder and more random than the latest and greatest Tim Schafer game? Crowd funding allows everyone to pitch for funding from people interested in contributing to the latest and greatest invention, venture or experiment.

Which is great – it gives people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to funds an opportunity to produce something unique with the help of a community who have a vested interest in the final product.

But it also attracts its fair share of kooks. There are people out there asking for funds for projects that vary from unrealistic (mission to Mars) to downright crazy (remote-controlled roaches).

Read on for a list of some of the weirdest crowd funded projects we could find.

5 worst and weirdest crowd funded gadgets (plus an insane one)
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The thought phone. So you can talk to other people using your mind. Or to put it another way, it enables you to engage in thought communication with other people using telepathy. The inventor is fully qualified however, having been in contact with races of interstellar people for years. Riiiiight. View more on Indiegogo

The Roboroach

I'm still not entirely convinced this isn't a joke. It's also fully funded. Control the movements of a live cockroach from your phone. The cockroach undergoes a short surgery where a backpack is wired to its antennae.  Apparently the world's first commercially available cyborg. Yes, really. View more on Kickstarter

Bonus Stupidity: Get A Man To Mars

Charles Brown is asking backers for US$50-million to send him to Mars. In order to cut costs it's a one way trip and he's planning to undergo rigorous training in preparation for his “lonely journey”. Sadly not even US$1 has been donated so far. I can't imagine why. View more on Indiegogo

Stop ‘h’ And Wash

I don't dispute the need for good hygiene but I must admit that I'm a little surprised that Andrew Thomson wants £25 000 for an animated sign telling you to wash your hands. There's even more than one accent if you desire, just in case you didn't understand the first time. View more on Kickstarter

The Stethaphone

A hands free phone device that looks like a stethoscope. Even the doctors that I know don't wear that after hours. Inventor Eric Humphries says in his description, “Personally I enjoy talking into the end of the Stethophone like a crazy person”. Yeah that about says it all doesn't it? View more on Kickstarter


Snapjaw is an electronic display installed on your car like a bumper sticker that lets you change the message as often as you like. Apparently designed to update the concept of the bumper sticker, I can see good intentions degenerating into road rage slurs within moments. View more on Kickstarter

Snapjaw Lead

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