Nestle’s German Facebook page says October release date for Android 4.4


It happened on the German Kit Kat Facebook page, an announcement that Android 4.4 is coming in October. Okay, technically Nestle only mentioned it after a user pushed them for a release date.

KitKat October


While Google is very experienced in keeping secrets by now, Nestle probably not that much. Could this chocolate-covered wafery OS come as soon as October? It’s difficult to say but the supposed leak just adds to already existing rumours bouncing back and forth around the web pointing at mid-October.

The Unwired said that perhaps Nestle was talking about the chocolate, but it specifically mentions Android in the post, so it’s hard to argue with that fairly official fact. It is still just a social media person who added that in, so the release date could still be changed. Let’s remain hopeful though.

Techradar points out that some expected changes and features to Android 4.4 would include improved multi-user customization, support for Bluetooth smart technology and an updated keyboard. Though we shouldn’t get our hopes up in expecting any major changes as we’ve seen with the release of 4.3.

Google has also said its “goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” Note it says “everybody“. Will the new OS support more devices than it already does? If so, it could mean that it will be more focused on lower-end devices.

AndroidCommunity says that a 14 October Android 4.4 release is one the cards, but that hasn’t been confirmed by anything or anyone, and so far this Facebook post is the most concrete evidence of a release date.

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