Steam Machine prototype equal parts Wii and PS4 [gallery]

Steam Machine Lead

Valve’s upcoming Steam Machine, a physical console which is planned to run Steam OS, lands its first official prototype images, care of custom PC makers iBuyPower. The custom PC site said to Engadget that it’s got two versions of its Steam Machine up-and-running, one called “Gordon” the other called “Freeman”, the name of the titular hero (created by Steam developers, Valve) in the best game ever made, Half Life 2. iBuyPower has said that its Steam Machine is planned for a 2014 launch, and both prototypes are running an extremely early build of Valve’s Steam OS.

A cosmetic difference separates “Gordon” from “Freeman”. One has a clear light bar running across the middle of the box, while the other has a black bar. Both share the same internal specs, apparently. The third-party Steam Machine developers have shared precious little outside of these images of its console. It did share a trickle of information with The Verge though, and said that its Steam Machine will be larger than the PS4, but smaller than the blocky Xbox One. iBuyPower’s Steam Machine will also come with Bluetooth, WiFi and a 500GB drive. Also, a price: it’s Steam Machine will cost the same as the Xbox One, US$499. For this price, you’re getting the futuristic “Steam Controller” as well.

Some are rendered, and one is either an excellent image, or a fairly poor photo of the Steam Machine. Judge for yourself and see if iBuyPower’s Steam Machine, which looks like the love-child of a PS4 and a Wii U, is to your tastes.

iBuyPower's Steam Machine prototype
left right

Steam Machine Lead

Steam Machine 1

A banana-yellow PS4? No, its a Steam Machine

Steam Machine 2

Trying to look all "Xbox 360" now.

Steam Machine 3

Now that's a fine-looking Wii.

Steam Machine 4

Let's hope it looks a little less like a PS4, and more like a unique console.

Steam Machine 5

A product shot or a decent render? You be the judge.

Steam Machine 6

Needs to be simple and classy, the top logo. We think that a simple "Steam Machine" logo would suffice



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