16 epic snaps of E3 2014 that will make you wish you were there

The most talked about gaming event of this year, E3 2014, saw Los Angeles filled with some of the best the industry has to offer; from demonic monsters statues, Arkham Knight’s legendary batmobile, massive Mario replicas lots of new games, and amped geeks all around.

Gearburn managed to take some photos using Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z2 at the expo and live to tell the tale. Take a look:


Mario playing with fire in all his legendary glory.


That’s right, they had massive billboards of all the big titles out there.


The PlayStation 4 pretty much went all out…


So did the Xbox One.


One of Evolve’s very angry monsters drooling all over the conference hall.


Scorpion looking as serious as ever.


Probably one of the most sought-after geeky cars on this planet — Arkham Knight’s batmobile!


To contrast the seriousness of his vehicle, there’s also a rather big LEGO statue of batman, in black and very dark grey of course.


Yes, Forza 5 got a very expensive sportscar to model for E3’s attendees this year.


Probably one of the Xbox One games that managed to steal the hearts of most gamers this week.


Ok Google.


Nintendo was of course showing off everything from the new Pokemon to the latest in the Mario universe.


Playing around with the Wii U’s touchscreen, stylus and all the works.


Because a gaming expo isn’t complete without a massive pink puppet hanging from the ceilings, drinking sodas with its drinking helmet.


Oh yes, Destiny’s Fallen Captain statue will totally kick your ass.


Sony’s headset: because even with all E3’s epic statues and replicas, the virtual world’s just so much more interesting to some.

The E3 2014 experience is brought to you by Sony Mobile and the Xperia Z2. Sony wants to hear from you, the reader, on how you feel about the brand. Click to take part in the short survey.



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