PS4 firmware update 1.71 now live, fixes DualShock 4 rumble and cloud saves

PS4 lead

A system update for PlayStation 4 is live, and version 1.71 — which weighs in at a download-friendly 194MB — fixes various software features and improves overall stability, says a tweet from Sony.


It’s a bit of a mystery as to what Sony updated, as even its official system update page remains blank. The PlayStation 4’s last system update, version 1.70 brought with it a slew of changes, such as adding the SHAREfactory app and giving users the options to disable HCDP.

While Sony is keeping mum on the changes, gaming site Dualshockers says that the system fixes are highly noticeable and that “a couple major bugs have been solved with the update.” Here’s what the site found:

When the PS4 went into standby mode or was turned off, the DualShock 4 controller would disable its vibration feature by default, so many users found their PS4 controllers oddly rumble-free. The PS4 update solves this issue, including a cloud save fix for PlayStation Plus users — when some users saved to the cloud, the PS4 would request a manual save to overwrite the previous file. It was a hassle that’s been happily fixed, according to the site.


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