Grayson the fighting fish is Twitch’s latest Pokémon-playing star

Grayson the Pokemon fish 1

Usually cats are the creatures that makes the internet tick, but this time, all honours go to a fish — a Pokémon Red/Blue playing fish called Grayson Hopper. Get ready, it’s Fish Plays Pokemon.

Two students, perhaps distressed at the thought that their beloved fighter fish would spend its life aimlessly swimming around its tank, have mapped the controls of the game to Grayson’s tank, using a symphony of motion sensing tech, allowing him to effectively play the game.

And it turns out he’s a gamer after all. After 135 hours of gameplay, Grayson’s acquired a Charmander hilariously named “AAAABBK” and defeated a Squirtle, who should have the upper hand against fire types. And while close to 50 000 viewers have already tuned in to see the internet’s latest sensation, Grayson can only get better.

Follow Grayson’s road to becoming a Pokémon Master via his dedicated sub-reddit and the Twitch livestream below. But be warned, it’s strangely addictive. Most gamers will remember the “crowd-sourced” adventure, Twitch plays Pokémon, which is what this is most definitely based on. Twitch plays Pokémon had some logical thought to it though, and Grayson may go belly-up before he completes the game but we hope that’s not the case.

Andy Walker, former editor


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